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About us

Tagsets.com - just the best hashtags service in the world!

We are proud to be the 1st in the world who:

  1. Launched the 1st innovative multilingual search engine for hashtags.
  2. Began to count and show popularity for all sets of hashtag. No hashtag service has done it before.

In the near future we plan to launch 2 new innovative tool for Instagram marketing! Stay in touch!

Why our service is betterWhy our competitors are worse

We update our database of hashtags every day, every minute. Our database contains already millions of hashtags and the number is growing. You can get the most relevant hashtags for any of your request!

Competitors offer sets of tags on dozens of topics which were once formed and without any updates till now. Of course, they are irrelevant.

Our service is organized on the principle of the search: you type any query and the service will find a relevant answer!

All of our competitors have sets of hashtags which are restricted to a list of several dozen topics. Often only 20 topics. Of course, you will never find the answers to any of your requests, because there are thousands requests and the competitors have answers only 20 of them.
Our service works in different regions of the world. You can enter a query in any language now. And we increase the number of language versions of the website every month.Most competitors offer hashtags for the English region. In smaller regions hashtags can only be found in the form of articles, authors of which once picked up the tags on a small number of themes and after they didn't update those tags.

We have millions relevant hashtags in base and very simple search!

Just copy and paste found tags in description or in comment under media to start to increase your Instagram popularity!

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