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All hashtags are grouped on 30 from the most popular to the least popular.

Why all hashtags are grouped on 30?
  • 30 is the maximum number of hashtags that you can add at once in the description or in the comments to the post according to the rules of Instagram.
How to use 30 hashtags in one post?
  • 1st way: copy the group of 30 hashtags, insert them into the description of the post, save.
  • 2nd way: save the publication without hashtags, copy the group of 30 hashtags and insert them into the comment under your post.
When to publish hashtags? Is it possible to use always the same hashtags? - Important to know!
  • The hashtags must be added at the moment of publication in Instagram or immediately after it, because the hashtag's feed is chronological. An easier explanation: the sooner you add hashtags after the post's publication, the more persons see your post in the feed of hashtags selected.
  • Instagram doesn't like when you use the same hashtags from post to post. Even if the theme of your posts remains the same, you can always choose different hashtags, because there are various elements in the photo. For example, if all your photos represent nature, the hashtags shouldn’t be only "nature", but could be also " sunset", "flower", "sky", "spring" etc.
  • To get more likes, use more general hashtags. For example "cafe" instead of "Starbucks". The hashtags on more general topics are more popular in Instagram, they have more viewings of posts and more likes.
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Method of calculating popularity and how to use it.
  • On Instagram the popularity of a particular hashtag is equal to the frequency of its use.
    The frequency of use is the number of posts on Instagram with a specific hashtag.
    It follows from this that the popularity of a set of hashtags is the total number of posts of all hashtags included in the set.
  • The more popular a hashtag set is, the more likes and followers you can get from it.
    At the same time, the more popular a set of hashtags, the faster you have to add it to the description of the post or comment to it, because the feed of hashtags is chronological and posts on more popular hashtags quickly replace each other at the top of the feed.
How to understand and use color codes (red, orange, yellow)?
  • Red - High popularity - More than 10,000,000.
  • Orange - Average popularity - More than 1,000,000 and less than 10,000,000.
  • Yellow - Low popularity - Less than 1,000,000.

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  • WYNN Shout out to the great Mod SpartanTrading. He overnighted this baby from the 165 level. He was telling chat yesterday he would hold 1 last piece on this to 177, he was VERY clear that he was looking for 177 on WYNN today. Guess what Traders this hit 177 before tanking! Sign up to make that money link in bio.

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  • YELP I looked at this and looked at the gap down this morning. I basically told everyone go ahead and go LONG at 39 level and under. This should pop at open 2-3 points then from there just fade it all day back to 39 and under. Pretty trade, very effortless 5 POINTS on it Sign up to learn how to trade link in bio

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  • Definitely got them thanksgiving options today I don t know where I want to eat at just to many stops for one day Song Yoko Jumper Lit Options Prod By I got one for the radio station

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  • While the soup simmers.

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  • OSTK Not sure you all could handle this one. But here it goes. Keep in mind this was written down 1 hour before the open Traders look for OSTK to pull at open to 54 then go long for quick money for 2-3 points to the upside before fading back down Look at where it hit 54 BOOM Come be a part of a Team of Successful Traders that come together everyday with a purpose!

    #108, @awesomecalls, 2018.02.14, ♥ 39

  • CHGG Arick was all over this morning. He guided Traders live from 17 spot to 20 then as it was topping off, he started the downside of the trade and helped Traders make money on the backside shorting it for a point or more. Excellent Trade, and Call today! Come be a part of a Team of Successful Traders that come together everyday with a purpose!

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  • Many may not know who is but he is a pastor from the church. Very powerful and wise and I relate to many things that he says. He teaches us to work and don t because worry don t work. All worry does is keep us stuck and put us in a state of dis-ease and opens up our bodies to sickness. Stop worrying and start working. Follow Follow

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  • 19.01.2018r. 1

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  • TREE The moderator Mavericneo alerted the room that JPM was pulling out of TREE so the stock was pulling down 10 points I told Subscribers this WILL rebound, make no mistake this WILL rebound, so watch the pull to 330 and go LONG& expect a solid play back to highs Look at the Chart 25PTS Sign up to make that money link in bio

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  • Taste taste taste the rainbow.

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  • :/www.youtube.com/watch time continue=32&v=3AshA6ehHwEvila:/www.youtube.com/watch time continue=32&v=3AshA6ehHwE

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  • OPGN Really, You can t make this sh*t up You just read the headline in the morning LAUGH and go SHORT, not much left to talk about SHORT the pop at open and gap fill it back to 3.75 IT HIT 3.75 Sign up to make that money link in bio.

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  • BOFI Just look at this! Are you f*ckin Serious! Look at this call and opportunity today. Are you serious! The great Moderator Janni called out a SHORT at 38.50 and rode this all the way down to 34.50 for 4 solid points Are you serious, what a f*ckin call/trade WOW Sign up to make that money link in bio.

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  • So many options for everyone

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  • My kind of shopping

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  • The person who has said a sandwich isn t a meal has not had a real sandwich

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  • Check out our new track https:/youtu.be/6p-CrRu ZJA:/youtu.be/6p-CrRu ZJA

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  • CACC I saw this down-52 POINTS at 310. I felt VERY strong that this would hit 330- 335 on some fill at the open, so I suggested if your going to take, take it now at 310 sitting there. Sure enough right at the open within 90 seconds the stock hit 335 25 POINTS in 90seconds Sign up to make that money link in bio.

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  • I like who says always cooks

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  • May I say Delicious! Rice, fried mushrooms and onions, red lentils and some kale of course with my favorite dressing I fried the mushrooms and onions in soy sauce and oil with some bbq and garlic seasoning. Easy and delish

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  • Trying out some different

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  • Promo 2322849‬

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  • That s right If you don t love it, if you are not sure, if you have any doubt at all, don t do it, right

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  • Birth works the best when parents feel supported, and when their needs are met through team care! We love building relationships with the outstanding local midwives, OBs, nurses, and staff we get to work alongside, including the fabulous midwives at Soin. They shared a lot of the amazing options they are offering laboring women with us today(like nitrous!), and the ways they are pioneering a better birth experience for families in the Dayton area!

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  • You do not have to be a fire for every mountain blocking you. You could be a water& soft river your way to freedom too-options

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  • added trading. trading coming soon

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  • viene a prendermi

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  • SHOP My favorite Trade today I told everyone this Gap down to 130- 131 to go LONG at the open and EXPECT rush to 140 or more before smashing back to 130 again I want you to time this Trade as you read the Chart over 18 POINTS in 15mins of work 18 POINTS in 15mins of Work! Come be a part of a Team of Successful Traders that come together everyday with a purpose!

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  • Tracey got a boob job.! 16D.she feels real good too

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  • 29 Mo republic

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  • By

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  • we all need somebody

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  • So, I m trying to quit soda. But I love sweet tea and soda and all the yummy stuff that made busy mornings easier to stay caffeinated. so I ve started to replace my morning diet soda with a glass of iced tea(no sugar) and am instead adding slices of pluots(plum/apricot fruit) to some iced English Breakfast instead and it s really good! Baby steps! And a fun straw from March s box makes it feel special for a Monday morning.

    #163, @getmymoxie, 2018.04.09, ♥ 16

  • Shooting in Hamburg: Anna Heinzelmann:/www.facebook.com/Anna-Heinzelmann-1599979510314234/:Melanie Kohl: Mai Huynh

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  • Room with a view, Antwerpen. Heerlijke avond, nichtjes en co! Stylish apartment for design& architecture lovers:/abnb.me/SrbMO1gr0T

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  • Made a strawberry banana cheesecake for breakfast. I wonder what flavor I should have for dinner Any suggestions

    #166, @rock24fit, 2019.04.02, ♥ 16

  • . Perbedaan Saham& CFD. Memiliki Laverage 1: 10.

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  • TWO-BOXES-CHALLENGE Final result. Look here for more:/youtu.be/zpw7e-5hYYE

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  • Most times I drink McCallan, other times I sip tequila. Been known to open a few champagne bottles during the week& vodka on the weekends. I also have the occasional expresso shot as I walk into work. I m never thirsty!

    #170, @ari_batel, 2016.01.23, ♥ 14

  • In any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.-abraham maslow As each day starts, our story begins again. We always have options. Our lives are indeed richer when we strive to do things out of our comfort zones. Push yourselves into greatness, you never know what the rewards are on the other side. Take baby steps or a giant leap, just do it. Happy Wednesday!

    #171, @scarlettreneehawkins, 2018.02.14, ♥ 14

  • So where to go this year If I have seen hotel looking like a sail it is high time I saw a hotel looking like entire ship

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  • Spaventato:(

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  • He is PERFECT.bighitofficial:/youtu.be/kJ7UIL Aq0w

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  • Wow and again a beautiful industrial lamp. This time for a desk. 57,50:/64andmore.nl

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  • Beautiful pink for sweets, soap or.&more 64andmore.nl

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  • mare

    #180, @gibbshigs, 2018.06.12, ♥ 6

  • Een Colbert geborduurd.:/instagram.com/robbiewilliams

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  • Scentsy Diffuser:/cillaperet.scentsy.us/

    #182, @cillaperet.scentsy.us, 2018.02.07, ♥ 4

  • Run

    #183, @morris_guzman, 2018.09.10, ♥ 4

  • :/m.youtube.com/watch v=AafW0MuGjLM

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  • City landscapes.

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  • Nemiga

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  • Good morning, dear friends.

    #189, @antonova_veronika_ph, 2017.04.20, ♥

  • Have a good day.

    #190, @antonova_veronika_ph, 2017.05.03, ♥

  • Jelly Belly

    #191, @klady7815, 2017.04.18, ♥

  • LOVE is.

    #192, @klady7815, 2017.03.28, ♥

  • Majestic Sydney

    #193, @strawberrieshoney, 2016.11.28, ♥

  • Proud dad, my new house.

    #194, @princess_cattt, 2016.11.15, ♥

  • Happy Halloween

    #195, @loud.fuqua, 2014.11.19, ♥

  • IMG 0629

    #196, @zulianamarchel, 2015.03.06, ♥

  • My day.

    #197, @denisminin, 2017.04.30, ♥

  • It s a moving around- re-organizing kind of a day. Have you entered the GIVEAWAY yet See the previous post there is still time to enter!.

    #198, @favoritescarfy, 2016.10.29, ♥

  • Painted walls in Minsk, I adore my city, street art in Minsk does not cease to amaze me.

    #199, @kodiband, 2017.05.17, ♥

  • art piece from the Current collection. Art show at Exhibit a Gallery.

    #200, @polarubis, 2017.05.08, ♥

  • My dear friends and colleagues! I invite you to join me at the Fine Art Exhibit Strength where I will represent one of my favorite art pieces- Current. We will spend a quality time together. Great people, Dj, cocktails and much more. 6pm-00.00am

    #201, @polarubis, 2017.05.05, ♥

  • Me and Marc-founder of We Foundation. Very sweet person with kind heart and strong and humble personality and so pleasant to work with. I had a pleasure at this project and honor to be Marc s personal photographer. Thank you we team!

    #202, @polarubis, 2017.05.01, ♥

  • Don t worry, be happy.

    #203, @dashka_baranchik_, 2017.05.17, ♥

  • Good morning!

    #204, @newyoubydesign, 2016.09.24, ♥

  • Winter came.

    #205, @trillonmusic, 2017.01.07, ♥

  • Rolling& Relax

    #206, @kris_jamaica, 2017.04.30, ♥

  • Melanie Martinez

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  • Summer and winter border.

    #212, @just_marine, 2016.11.10, ♥

  • Sushi

    #213, @klady7815, 2017.04.27, ♥

  • Friends

    #214, @marya_shevchenko, 2017.05.11, ♥

  • Just travel:)

    #215, @life_iridescent_, 2016.07.17, ♥

  • Travel moment:)

    #216, @life_iridescent_, 2016.07.17, ♥

  • Summer moment:)

    #217, @life_iridescent_, 2016.07.17, ♥

  • I m not sleeping, I m meditating. Omm my sweet cheezy salomon goodies, please all come on to daddy

    #218, @tushka_cat, 2017.05.07, ♥

  • It s and here s a picture of my one and only James

    #219, @hillhal18, 2017.04.05, ♥

  • The Oaks on Friday the Derby on Saturday

    #220, @micdus, 2017.05.06, ♥

  • Be the best, beat the rest

    #221, @mohd_wazini, 2017.05.22, ♥

  • Sunset

    #222, @porentree, 2017.02.13, ♥

  • .like

    #223, @__inwardness__, 2016.08.16, ♥

  • Looking Awesome bro

    #224, @sourenrana, 2017.03.19, ♥

  • Friend

    #225, @vlad_vino, 2016.04.06, ♥

  • Imaginary vision by the river.- Photo by

    #226, @andrejsstr, 2017.05.13, ♥

  • Day off

    #227, @jermakovica.anna, 2017.05.14, ♥

  • Have a good mood

    #228, @tatyanatorotko, 2016.11.26, ♥

  • High colours

    #229, @yuli_kardashik, 2017.03.04, ♥

  • I love this city life-changing opportunity

    #230, @anna.uvarova, 2017.01.19, ♥

  • Russian Mafia PBH!

    #231, @anna.uvarova, 2016.12.05, ♥

  • We can allow satellites, planets, suns, universe, nay whole systems of universes, to be governed by laws, but the smallest insect, we wish to be created at once by special act. Charles Darwin

    #232, @sky_above.me, 2017.03.01, ♥

  • By The best way to keep promise is never give up./ N. Bonaparte!

    #233, @sky_above.me, 2017.02.04, ♥

  • Wolking, wolking.

    #234, @julia_____7, 2017.04.12, ♥

  • Have a good day!

    #235, @vikakyrpa, 2017.05.19, ♥

  • My beautiful girls

    #236, @__mc_li_, 2016.10.23, ♥

  • Towards the sea

    #237, @sarettina85, 2017.05.14, ♥

  • Morning

    #238, @sarettina85, 2017.05.05, ♥

  • Same same. me outside and me at home. I wonder: how can I get so ugly

    #239, @myperfectcover, 2016.12.21, ♥

  • So in love with this shirt

    #240, @cahootz, 2017.04.24, ♥

  • Not everyday is a good day! Grützi eure lieve Tante Skittles

    #241, @skittleslifestyle__, 2017.05.13, ♥

  • With my bras

    #242, @skittleslifestyle__, 2016.11.23, ♥

  • Good morning and have a nice day to everyone.cats

    #243, @_greeneyehaya_, 2016.11.22, ♥

  • These pretty much sum up my day at the Birmingham Comics Festival. It was a good day

    #244, @scarlmcrboob, 2017.04.29, ♥

  • Well today I met one of my idols Patricia Quinn(magenta in the rocky horror film) and it was honestly the most amazing experience of my life

    #245, @scarlmcrboob, 2017.04.29, ♥

  • I miss my best friend

    #246, @scarlmcrboob, 2017.03.25, ♥

  • Need more

    #247, @lana2rock, 2017.05.20, ♥

  • Sunny day

    #248, @anettabonda, 2017.05.15, ♥

  • Maremma!.

    #249, @nicholas.gallo, 2017.04.01, ♥

  • The wind in the willows. of

    #250, @freshseaside3, 2017.05.18, ♥

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