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Top publications

  • Model ilyinaphoto

    #1, @ph.olgailyina, 2017.01.04, ♥

  • Model muah

    #2, @ph.olgailyina, 2016.12.25, ♥

  • Model

    #3, @ph.olgailyina, 2017.02.10, ♥

  • Ph Md Lingerie Mua

    #4, @yankrukov, 2017.02.17, ♥

  • Loooking for a model for sexy and sensual shooting on Bali! DM me if interested! Ищу девушку для сексуальной и чувственной съемки среди Балийских красот! Пишите в директ!)

    #5, @yankrukov, 2017.04.09, ♥

  • I ve been walking asleep. Dreaming awake. Wedding dress:

    #6, @nadezda_vla, 2017.05.08, ♥

  • How are you) Living

    #7, @avigroup, 2016.12.01, ♥

  • Grill fish and red rice rub oil rice

    #8, @roopanabar, 2017.05.20, ♥

  • My dream!

    #9, @denisminin, 2017.05.15, ♥

  • My day.

    #10, @denisminin, 2017.04.30, ♥

  • Diamond

    #11, @nastyakola, 2017.05.17, ♥

  • Ottoman restaurant in Today in red

    #12, @kari5hka, 2017.05.12, ♥

  • Zero Half Full. Time does not spare anyone

    #13, @magvayby, 2017.01.22, ♥

  • Crocs I m love in it

    #14, @magvayby, 2017.01.09, ♥

  • Holy stairs

    #15, @magvayby, 2017.01.07, ♥

  • Fish& chick

    #16, @magvayby, 2017.01.06, ♥

  • Size like Marlboro box

    #17, @magvayby, 2017.01.05, ♥

  • Super shooting mit

    #18, @marc_dekos, 2017.03.18, ♥

  • 3 days shooting for

    #19, @marc_dekos, 2017.02.10, ♥

  • Try to find my monkey

    #20, @victoria_vjb10, 2017.05.18, ♥

  • my pretty monkey

    #21, @victoria_vjb10, 2017.05.10, ♥

  • How I miss those sunny days.

    #22, @victoria_vjb10, 2017.05.10, ♥

  • - my favorite song of island Please somebody stop me What is your favorite song at the moment

    #23, @victoria_vjb10, 2017.04.22, ♥

  • The view

    #24, @victoria_vjb10, 2017.04.22, ♥

  • Me and mini me

    #25, @victoria_vjb10, 2017.04.22, ♥

  • Inspired from the old chic chairs in my Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel room, I choose the awkward posed photo over the sexier pose shots I had also taken. The reason being this shot in particular reminded me of why I fell in love with self portrait photography, and the power of honest self reflection that it can bring to the photographer and viewer. It is an honest self portrait of my current state of mind of dating, the idea of falling in love with someone new, and traveling. Hope you enjoy the reflection as much as I do 3

    #26, @danielleherzogphoto, 2017.05.06, ♥

  • Inspired from the old chic chairs in my Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel room, I choose the awkward posed photo over the sexier pose shots I had also taken. The reason being this shot in particular reminded me of why I fell in love with self portrait photography, and the power of honest self reflection that it can bring to the photographer and viewer. It is an honest self portrait of my current state of mind of dating, falling in love with someone new, and traveling. Hope you enjoy the reflection as much as I do 3

    #27, @danielleherzogphoto, 2017.05.06, ♥

  • This is our hotel

    #28, @karina__ly, 2017.04.11, ♥

  • Got a break from class to head out to Finn s Beach Club for a few hours, so here is the requisite Bali vacation selfie.

    #29, @jeanettegtf, 2017.05.18, ♥

  • Sunset at Nusa Dua Peninsula

    #30, @jeanettegtf, 2017.05.13, ♥

  • Wouldn t it be great if we could do all over again

    #31, @alison_pullman.918, 2016.12.02, ♥

  • Non-political. Happy Sunday!

    #32, @alison_pullman.918, 2016.12.01, ♥

  • With November temps in the 80s, our little guests enjoying a beach day!

    #33, @alison_pullman.918, 2016.12.01, ♥

  • Salsa Band for your event! Call us! 787.722.2716

    #34, @sakentertainment, 2017.05.19, ♥

  • Cuban Style Salsa Shows

    #35, @sakentertainment, 2017.05.08, ♥

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    #36, @whatsyourluxury, 2016.06.24, ♥

  • Reverse

    #37, @skipy9, 2016.10.16, ♥

  • Here to steal yo girl

    #38, @trustme_imfunny, 2016.08.06, ♥

  • Dubai, UAE by

    #39, @unchartedjourneyofficial, 2016.12.02, ♥

  • That s one wired looking monkey!

    #40, @iamjoshcarder, 2016.07.17, ♥

  • a day without in

    #41, @alexa.graz, 2017.03.19, ♥

  • Bali getaway: Tanah Lot.

    #42, @nnnnnadialeong, 2017.07.12, ♥

  • Bali getaway day02: Tanah Lot.

    #43, @nnnnnadialeong, 2017.07.11, ♥

  • Bali getaway day01: Kuta/Legian.

    #44, @nnnnnadialeong, 2017.07.11, ♥

  • A getaway I ve been longing for.

    #45, @nnnnnadialeong, 2017.07.10, ♥

  • Good morning Ubud!

    #46, @1015sli, 2017.05.06, ♥

  • There s a beach in the Greek island of Skaithos that is famous for shimmering with what looks like gold dust because of clear water and insanely pure sand. Skiathos Palace is a five star resort perched on a green hill with sweeping views of Koukounaries Beach. We passed by for lunch and quick photos! Wearing my gold dust and swimsuit from

    #47, @holidaysinheels, 2017.07.24, ♥

  • alert! Erica James always has interesting stories in beautiful settings- this one takes us to the English countryside where the main character takes respite at a bed and breakfast while recovering from love gone wrong. A fun beach read to pack in your beach bag! With a white floppy hat and of course- my travel must-haves!

    #48, @holidaysinheels, 2017.07.21, ♥

  • Is it the Caribbean Seychelles Nope- meet Skiathos, one of the greenest Greek islands known for being next door to where they filmed the movie Mamma Mia;) this is the view from Magic Hotel- sunsets truly are magical!

    #49, @holidaysinheels, 2017.07.18, ♥

  • Croatia is beautiful from many angles- especially from the deck of a yacht while sipping bubbly as you sail past the islands! Read the full review written by luxury travel pros exclusively for;)

    #50, @holidaysinheels, 2017.07.09, ♥

  • Breakfast with a view, anyone An alternative to staying in a beautiful hotel in Croatia is staying in a 5 star yacht where you can hop to islands, beaches and waterfalls- check out the exclusive review on www.holidaysinheels.com by luxury travel experts!

    #51, @holidaysinheels, 2017.07.04, ♥

  • Love the quirky art Dubai- discovered a great pub called with yummy food, music that allowed us to chat and- best part- no smoking! So my hair didn t smell like a chimney at the end of the night:D Trying to discover new options for us stragglers still here in this Dubai heat!

    #52, @holidaysinheels, 2017.07.01, ♥

  • When you re a trying to get that shot and your toddler keeps photobombing with no pants has slashed rates during the summer which we took advantage of to escape the heat- we explored the aquarium, water park, went swimming. just fair warning: crazy hot temperature outside freezing A.C. inside= family with a flu for a week! My beautiful fuschia top is from line;) Lovely hotel for a family vacation in Dubai- review on www.holidaysinheels(link in bio)

    #53, @holidaysinheels, 2017.06.28, ♥

  • Celebrate Italian colors and designs in Capri with this beautiful look! Details on www.holidaysinheels.com(link in bio!)

    #54, @holidaysinheels, 2017.06.24, ♥

  • How beautiful is the architecture of Hotel Caesar Augustus in Capri, Italy A haven for intellectuals, artists and royalty for centuries, it s no wonder fashion designer names it as one of her fave summer spots in the world. Check out her review on www.holidaysinheels.com(link in bio)!

    #55, @holidaysinheels, 2017.06.22, ♥

  • Doesn t fashion designer look like a fairy in this stunning shot It s taken in the gardens of Hotel Caesar Augustus, a hotel in Capri, Italy run by the Relais& Chateaux group(so you know it equals relaxed luxury!). This stunning hotel used to be a private escape for artists, intellectuals and royalty. No wonder it s one of Tamaras fave vacation spots! Read her review on www.holidaysinheels.com(link in bio)

    #56, @holidaysinheels, 2017.06.19, ♥

  • Kempinsky. I love the design

    #57, @alena_audziyenak, 2017.06.21, ♥

  • Beach dinner

    #58, @suntanbeachhotel, 2016.06.12, ♥

  • The sky

    #59, @veronika_rydkina, 2017.07.26, ♥

  • Good For You re stay.Come On.!

    #60, @20reno03, 2017.07.21, ♥

  • Wedding

    #61, @veronika_rydkina, 2017.07.28, ♥

  • Hotel leather products in production!

    #62, @kosmart_sally, 2016.09.28, ♥

  • Our new hotel leather collection guide holder controller holder clip box box can All handmade with faux leather

    #63, @kosmart_sally, 2016.09.28, ♥

  • Happy mother s day!

    #64, @sunsetmarina, 2017.03.21, ♥

  • From- Tag someone!

    #65, @lifetravelers23, 2016.04.04, ♥

  • My hotel is so environmentally conscious.

    #66, @gusu1, 2017.07.11, ♥

  • Sunset. Bali.

    #67, @belka__letyaga, 2017.07.13, ♥

  • Md: Mua: Hair: Hotel:.

    #68, @sokolovich_m, 2017.07.25, ♥

  • We had a fantastic time partnering with on their photo shoot

    #69, @thesebastianvail, 2017.07.26, ♥

  • Isrotel Agamim, Eilat

    #70, @comeseeisrael, 2016.06.02, ♥

  • So I booked what I was told was a hotel in Manchester, only to get there and it was a room in a house. A house that was empty, with no way in, neighbours told me it had no fire alarm, called who tryed calling owner, who never answered, so I m out side a property they kept calling a hotel. But is a house and no way in, so they cancelled my reservation then said don t worry we will get new hotel at no cost to myself, 40 mins latter I m still on hold. Just to be told I had to pay 54 for a hotel three hours away, or 110 for closer, I had no way to pay and didn t have 110, so at 00.15 was told if I had spoken to a supervisor before 12 I would of got a free hotel, even though I was on the phone for three hours, at 5.30 they offered me 35 towards a hotel three hours from me and I had to pay 55 and get to it. Even though I was calling them for 8 hours. So had to walk around Manchester in the morning in the rain and cold. Because cancelled my reservation when they said I would get a new hotel at no cost to myself and after cancelling said they won t. Even though I could not enter the property I booked as it was empty and no one was there. this property is listed with you as a hotel, it s not a hotel it s a house, with no one there to let you in, no working fire alarm, which is unlawful

    #71, @mymyselfandmyphotos, 2017.07.31, ♥

  • Beach, in the morning

    #72, @jesskial.seaghost, 2017.08.10, ♥

  • Nice view I just share, what I m seeing at the moment

    #73, @jesskial.seaghost, 2017.08.09, ♥

  • Did you find an authentic slow smoke BBQ in Bali let me show you

    #74, @jesskial.seaghost, 2017.08.09, ♥

  • Latepost cuy.

    #75, @jesskial.seaghost, 2017.08.06, ♥

  • My new art student Dara at

    #76, @jeniferprince, 2017.07.05, ♥

  • It s a beautiful world. please take care of it pick up your rubbish please mahalo

    #77, @jeniferprince, 2017.07.04, ♥

  • sampun nampek.&orange

    #78, @adipartha2, 2017.03.23, ♥

  • Just a fast sketch! Think i like to draw buildings lol-

    #79, @salvato_artworks, 2017.06.18, ♥

  • Door drifting

    #80, @yan_weinstock, 2017.08.11, ♥

  • Poranne bieganie i relax

    #81, @bartoszitalia, 2017.04.28, ♥

  • Gathering city profile, tourism data, and design inspirations for our next architectural premium hotel design project. We are kicking off our pre-design phase on a fabulous start. For any project inquiries, please visit www.fulgararchitects.com

    #82, @ianfulgar, 2017.06.30, ♥

  • HEY YOU. Yes, you. Stop being unhappy with yourself. You are perfect. Stop wishing you looked like someone else or wishing people like you as much as they like someone else. Stop trying to get attention from those who hurt you. Stop hating your body, your face, your personality, your quirks. Love them. Without those things you wouldn t be you. And why would you want to be anyone else Be confident with who you are. Smile. It ll draw people in. I m happy because I love who I am. I love my flaws, I love my imperfections. They make me me. And me pretty amazing.

    #83, @recieve_moor_fo11owesz, 2015.12.15, ♥

  • Monkey Forest, Bali Btw see my brother s face.

    #84, @recieve_moor_fo11owesz, 2015.12.13, ♥

  • Hhmm.

    #85, @recieve_moor_fo11owesz, 2015.11.29, ♥

  • Dreamland.

    #86, @recieve_moor_fo11owesz, 2015.11.28, ♥

  • Booked a room here for a much much MUUUUCH cheaper price!(3/4 less to be exact) Thank God for!.

    #87, @abchronicles, 2017.02.27, ♥

  • Photographer:.by Videographer:

    #88, @ludmilanilova, 2017.08.11, ♥

  • Happy feet at the

    #89, @vidhyatiwari, 2017.06.22, ♥

  • Luwak Coffee testing

    #90, @joycesjohn, 2015.12.22, ♥

  • Having the time of our lives

    #91, @merelheij, 2017.07.05, ♥

  • It s BACK! Friends& Family 30 off now thru 5/19! Shop your favorite brands at the employee discount! Shop Link in Bio

    #92, @givemeemoore, 2017.05.09, ♥

  • Lovin the

    #93, @royalreplikate, 2017.08.12, ♥

  • Bye bye balcony What an amazing trip with the most amazing person I know, my beautiful Mom! Thanks for having us Hotel Miramare!

    #94, @missamypearson, 2017.07.05, ♥

  • Somehow always get excited with a so lah S 20nett for Kids& adults suggest u book thro for the best price. A new secret& yet to get crowded. the& live action stations

    #95, @gowri_gal, 2017.10.06, ♥

  • Thanks for realy amazing perfomance. It was so great, that i still dont belive i was there!) Было просто невероятно охренительно!) Dub fx был в огне Еще ни разу я так не отжигал на концертах как тут!) Рад что попал первый раз на концерт к нему именно тут и в таком формате, это было просто шикарнейше) я рад)

    #96, @yankrukov, 2017.10.27, ♥

  • Банный день. Local residents are engaged in some important business.

    #97, @_tobago_, 2017.10.23, ♥

  • Smokey snack.

    #98, @db_bali, 2017.10.02, ♥

  • A little touch of Belgium in Alger, king Alber 1 hotel

    #99, @meryem.photopress, 2017.02.09, ♥

  • On Bali!

    #100, @weheartpicsrus, 2013.04.11, ♥

  • Laguna Lodge Eco Resort- A ecological hotel nominated to World Legacy Awards

    #101, @dreamhotelsvip, 2016.12.19, ♥

  • Best hotels in Munich! Oktoberfest is coming./ http:/search.dreamhotels.online/

    #102, @dreamhotelsvip, 2016.09.19, ♥

  • The demons of in the

    #103, @ymohammed, 2017.08.10, ♥

  • Pool

    #104, @montaha_maaouia, 2017.09.06, ♥

  • Koi Fish In preparation for my newest tattoo I am going to share the story of the koi. Many years ago, during the time of the gods in China, a school of koi fish decided to swim up the Huang He(Yellow River). Soon they came to a great waterfall. Some of the koi decided that the waterfall was too dangerous and turned back. Others decided to try and swim up the waterfall but after several attempts they decided that it was too difficult and turned back. A few of the koi however decided that they would not let the waterfall beat them so they continued to swim. Regardless of how tired they got or how many times they were swept back down stream they continued, swimming and jumping up the waterfall. Then it happened. A koi that had been beaten back and swept away a hundred times made it to the top of the waterfall. The gods saw this tired and bruised little koi and they were in awe of its tenacity. So they turned the koi into a dragon. The dragon koi flew into the sky and thanked the gods then returned to his school to show them that the difficult path is not impossible and that overcoming hardships has great rewards. Side note How about clean water this week: http:/water.org/

    #105, @zr0cool, 2017.05.07, ♥

  • The coolest wallpaper

    #106, @janepacker, 2017.10.16, ♥

  • Loved this doorway in Alexandria

    #107, @janepacker, 2017.10.16, ♥

  • Massage by Ocean

    #108, @margo_rita_s, 2017.11.08, ♥

  • Making photos

    #109, @margo_rita_s, 2017.11.07, ♥


    #110, @americanhorrorstory.hotel, 2015.02.25, ♥

  • Sweet couple.hvostikova&.shchennikov

    #111, @ludmilanilova, 2017.11.08, ♥

  • My review of the wonderfully whimsical and unique is now live on! The Hôtel Particulier is one of the most memorable stays I have ever experienced, thanks to its quirky, stylish decor, super friendly staff, and beautiful views of Europe s largest private garden. Thank you so much to the team for a fantastic stay! Click on the link in my bio to find out more and don t miss this if you re planning a trip to Florence.

    #112, @nicolaleighstewart, 2017.10.01, ♥

  • Thank you so much to Stephanie for showing me around the brand new last night. It was definitely worth heading out in the pouring Paris rain for! Opened just 3 weeks ago, here is a sneak pic at one of its rooms. The headboards have all been specially designed for The Hoxton Paris, with every room also featuring a selection of books, including a novel chosen by one of the hotel s neighbours complete with a personal note written inside the cover. It s also the first hotel I ve ever seen to stock fresh milk in the fridge for a real British cuppa!.

    #113, @nicolaleighstewart, 2017.09.14, ♥

  • Between spring and snow.

    #114, @hotel_bellevue_niederried, 2016.04.28, ♥

  • 1 set 350rb aja panties ukuran m push up bra level 2 di counter 1set 500rb an

    #115, @borbiequeen, 2017.11.14, ♥

  • arriving at the in

    #116, @nilsdaecke, 2017.10.19, ♥

  • My empire is slowly growing! Muhahahaha, taking over Chicago one step at a time.

    #117, @zeekray_the_deejay, 2017.09.16, ♥

  • One year ago at the same day I got married.

    #118, @katibeyaz, 2017.11.13, ♥

  • Last night she said, Oh, baby, don t feel so down. Oh, it turns me off, When I feel left out. So I, I turn round: Oh, baby, gonna be alright. It was a great big lie Cause I left that night, yeah.

    #119, @jan.con, 2017.11.14, ♥

  • Indonesia, Bali, Canggu-Villa 3301 Cocktails is here! Do you wanna enjoy this Beachfront villa

    #120, @evolutionrealestate, 2017.06.25, ♥

  • Indonesia, Bali, Canggu-Villa3156 Do you wanna enjoy this Beachfront villa 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom, 2500 Sqm of aria From 1400 per night!

    #121, @evolutionrealestate, 2017.02.14, ♥

  • Rp 35.000 Order yuk

    #122, @wood_ress, 2017.01.07, ♥

  • Order yuk WA:087823308224 BBM:5ABE3CED Line:woodyress

    #123, @wood_ress, 2017.01.06, ♥

  • Skull bracelet Order yuk

    #124, @wood_ress, 2017.01.05, ♥

  • Wood ress present

    #125, @wood_ress, 2017.02.16, ♥

  • Willow necklace Order yuk WA:087823308224 BB:5ABE3CED Line:woodyress

    #126, @wood_ress, 2016.12.30, ♥

  • Willow necklace Order yuk

    #127, @wood_ress, 2016.12.29, ♥

  • Spearhead necklace Order yuk WA:087823308224 BB:5ABE3CED Line:woodyress

    #128, @wood_ress, 2016.12.26, ♥

  • Spearhead necklace Order yuk!

    #129, @wood_ress, 2016.12.22, ♥

  • Order yuk

    #130, @wood_ress, 2017.01.04, ♥

  • Vacation at Bali

    #131, @visan_3, 2016.08.31, ♥

  • Sunset,at Rock Bar

    #132, @visan_3, 2016.08.31, ♥

  • Looking all grown up and stuff for my little brothers wedding. Do I look as dapper as you do

    #133, @stuartjcorbett, 2017.06.27, ♥

  • Double tree

    #134, @_photographer_belarus_, 2017.11.15, ♥

  • Happy Sunday! It s breakfast time for my Balinese cat family! What can be more yummy than fresh fish

    #135, @galabriella_m, 2017.11.12, ♥

  • I couldn t have done without her! She is a super mother-cat! None of these kittens are actually her own, but she takes the best care of them

    #136, @galabriella_m, 2017.10.08, ♥

  • Live Laugh Love Our motto!

    #137, @aeliavillathassos, 2017.11.15, ♥

  • We are extremely proud to read this review from our gust Eliza Sevastian: I love this place, I strongly recommend it for accommodation: excellent location and atmosphere, the owner is very careful at details and very friendly. Thank you! 3

    #138, @aeliavillathassos, 2017.11.11, ♥

  • .dress Foto&

    #139, @novshar, 2017.11.17, ♥

  • black sand beach.

    #140, @lucy_oiseau, 2017.03.24, ♥

  • sacrifice

    #141, @lucy_oiseau, 2017.03.14, ♥

  • above the clouds.

    #142, @lucy_oiseau, 2017.03.03, ♥

  • hello ganesha

    #143, @lucy_oiseau, 2017.02.26, ♥

  • DoubleTree by Hilton

    #144, @t_shapovalov, 2017.11.21, ♥

  • August 2017 Mom and Daughter(or son maybe) quality time.

    #145, @meladewinta, 2017.11.04, ♥

  • Summer is great!

    #146, @taylor_the_photographer, 2017.07.27, ♥

  • We got a boat out to Gili T, our hotel is on the beach and faces the sunset they have cruelty-free products in the bathroom too!

    #147, @obmar.boram, 2017.10.17, ♥

  • My lovely fruit in Bali Jewelry:

    #148, @ludmilanilova, 2017.11.27, ♥

  • In to the wild I go: Losing my way and finding my soul.

    #149, @where.the.ivy.grows, 2017.11.22, ♥

  • Can you tell this is my part of our vacation

    #150, @where.the.ivy.grows, 2017.11.21, ♥

  • Indonesia, Bali, Villa 3145 Do you wanna enjoy this Beachfront villa

    #151, @evolutionrealestate, 2017.10.13, ♥

  • When suddenly your friend captured you when you try to captured her

    #152, @mlutfiherly, 2017.09.24, ♥

  • Island breeze with my friend() Explore more Bali, then you ll find lot of incredible places. A clift around the sea, what do you think

    #153, @mlutfiherly, 2017.09.17, ♥

  • Squad on point(or, most of us, anyway)

    #154, @chookiecat, 2017.11.07, ♥

  • Another of the hotel I m staying in for Christmas

    #155, @chamamambwe, 2016.12.25, ♥

  • I m staying at a hotel for Christmas and this is part of my room.

    #156, @chamamambwe, 2016.12.25, ♥

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    #158, @butti_alsalem, 2017.12.18, ♥

  • Japanese Desserts With My M in One Of My New Favorite Lounge in Abudhabi Called:. Beautiful Lounge For Chill& Beautiful Restaurant For Delicious Dinner,Lunch They have InDoor& Outdoor Tables, Perfect Place For Winter I Loved The Food More then Desserts Here to be honest But Still Its an Amazing Place To Have Amazing Time Desserts Prices Starting From 60 To 80 AED, Drinks From 55 to 2000 AED. Check My SnapChat to Watch My Amazing Experience There:. دخيل الغلا اللي راح واللي وقـف مرتاب بسميه عشقاً وانت مدري وش تسميه ودخيل العيون اللي عليها الحــلا جذاب تشوف الـولع فيهن ولاتدري ايش تاليه! ودخيل المكان اللي جمعنا وله وإعجاب اذا لي معزه: طاري البعد. لا تطريه. حلويات يابانيه لذيذه مع الحب في واحد من اجمل الاستراحات الجديده عندي في ابوظبي واسمه:. ‎الاستراحه جدا رائعه ديكورها من الطراز العتيق والالوان القاتمه جدا راقي وجميل. والمكان يضم بار كذلك ومنعزل بالكامل عن المطعم لخصوصية مرتادين المطعم وعزلهم عن الاستراحه لهذا المطعم مناسب للعائلات والقسم الخارجي من المطعم جميل جدا ومناسب جدا لفصل الشتاء والاكل جدا لذيذ ومبتكر ممزوج بافكار شرقيه نصيحه للي مايحبون السوشي انصحكم تجربون السوشي هنا لانه مطبوخ بالكامل ونكهاته شرقيه جديده. ‎واكون صريح حبيت الاكل هنا اكثر من الحلويات لكن يضل المكان جدا رائع ورايق وأسعار الحلويات تبدى من ٦٠ درهم الى ٨٠ درهم اماراتي والعصائر والمشروبات تبدى من ٥٥ الى ٢٠٠٠ درهم اماراتي تابعوا حسابي السناب شات الأن لتشاهدوا تجربتي بالامس في هذا المطعم الرائع قبل الحذف:

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    #161, @butti_alsalem, 2017.12.07, ♥

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    #162, @butti_alsalem, 2017.12.05, ♥

  • It was just after the war. After two years ago, I m back.

    #163, @de_pictangle, 2017.06.26, ♥

  • . T E M U.

    #164, @vercelliryan, 2017.09.22, ♥

  • I was gonna go to the beach and do a lot of stuff but my map has some sort of a problem and didn t show me the way so I gave up and decided to stay home. I ended up doing some exercise, finished the book I was reading and organized my photos. Now I m waiting for my love to finish his work cos I need company. I m bored and hungry. I took these photos in Bali at the rice terrace. How amazing is nature, this view was breathtaking!

    #165, @laurakiviaho, 2018.01.05, ♥

  • Thankfully 2017 is coming to an end, but I m glad i got to have adventures with new friends and old

    #166, @allii_t, 2017.12.31, ♥

  • I don t really want to leave Bali.

    #167, @allii_t, 2017.11.04, ♥

  • You may be like Rhonda& hot like a sunrise, but it s the sunsets that really take my breath away Bali.

    #168, @allii_t, 2017.10.24, ♥

  • Pure joy

    #169, @allii_t, 2017.10.23, ♥

  • Good morning from Bali

    #170, @allii_t, 2017.10.23, ♥

  • When you trek up a 1717m volcano at 3am and watch the sunrise.

    #171, @jen_waters, 2018.01.05, ♥

  • Perfect Last night on Gili Ubud.

    #172, @jen_waters, 2018.01.03, ♥

  • Island life day 1.

    #173, @jen_waters, 2017.12.31, ♥

  • Cocktails at sunset.

    #174, @jen_waters, 2017.12.28, ♥

  • Happy Thursday.

    #175, @jen_waters, 2017.12.28, ♥

  • i shall name him yertle the turtle.

    #176, @atm1990, 2017.11.10, ♥

  • Bali is tough.

    #177, @atm1990, 2017.10.31, ♥

  • goodness gracious guava.

    #178, @atm1990, 2017.10.30, ♥

  • take a nice photo you two!.

    #179, @atm1990, 2017.10.29, ♥

  • That third time in

    #180, @nnnnnadialeong, 2017.12.02, ♥

  • Blue lagoon!

    #181, @ronitdalvi, 2017.11.29, ♥

  • It s the most wonderful time of the year With the kids jingle And everyone telling you be of good

    #182, @argiris_pel, 2017.12.18, ♥

  • Wake up at spiderhouse:)

    #183, @shangrila_blog, 2017.12.11, ♥

  • Follow your! Explore your! Live your!-Photo by!-

    #184, @destinationdreamin, 2017.10.22, ♥

  • This place give me so much good energy for living!

    #185, @beatyourfear, 2018.01.06, ♥

  • Morning run in Ubud is always amazing!

    #186, @beatyourfear, 2018.01.05, ♥

  • Second time to this place!

    #187, @beatyourfear, 2018.01.04, ♥

  • Beautiful feeling today, found these thousands of birds hanging out on these trees every evening in petulu village!

    #188, @beatyourfear, 2018.01.03, ♥

  • Tenganan Village is one of the oldest Balinese Culture in Bali(According to our Tenganan Guide and Wikipedia).

    #189, @beatyourfear, 2018.01.02, ♥

  • Happy New Year Everyone, new beginning of this year just started, we know we have a lot of things to do this year hope the best will coming through this year as all we wish for this year. More laugh, more fun, more love, more joy, more travel, more everything! And sending you hugs and love from this beautiful island!

    #190, @beatyourfear, 2018.01.01, ♥

  • Sitting on the beach this evening and watching him!

    #191, @beatyourfear, 2017.12.31, ♥

  • A group of ducks hanging around and chit chat and singing was made my day!.

    #192, @beatyourfear, 2017.12.30, ♥

  • Morning Run today, the view never disappointed me!

    #193, @beatyourfear, 2017.12.27, ♥

  • When you live in paradise, you don t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy this view. 1,5 hours driving from where I live!

    #194, @beatyourfear, 2017.12.25, ♥

  • Bulbs bulbs bulbs design

    #195, @horizonlandscapesea, 2017.11.18, ♥

  • Pretty petals over the Uluwatu Coast.

    #196, @jodibilske_photographics, 2017.12.06, ♥

  • Time to pray- Pura Besakih- Bali- Indonesia, juliol de 2017

    #197, @jaumemartifernandez, 2017.08.23, ♥

  • Back in Italy, i ve been amazed by the simple beauty of borders. From small hills to masterpieces of architecture, everything is just right at its place.

    #198, @aurelienbm, 2017.08.13, ♥

  • As if we were close friend.

    #199, @martha030388, 2017.12.09, ♥

  • BALI.-

    #200, @barebones.world, 2017.05.11, ♥

  • Seni Budaya Tradisi dan Alam Bali-, photo olih: Bali is Safe. Mount Agung looks so calm. If you want to see Live condition of Mount Agung just visit youtube and search there, should be more 2 live link that monitorize this mount since erupted few months ago.

    #201, @nakbaline, 2018.01.03, ♥

  • Remembering our Bali rice field tour with our guide a couple of years ago. Have you ever been there. Erinnerungen an unsere Bali Tour durch die Reisterrassen mit unserem Guide. Ward ihr schon einmal dort

    #202, @aladina_aladina, 2017.11.26, ♥

  • Happy New Year from all the staff at The Wensleydale Heifer!

    #203, @thewensleydaleheiferofficial, 2018.01.01, ♥

  • Merry Christmas to all of our amazing customers and friends! Wishing you all the best from all the staff at The Wensleydale Heifer

    #204, @thewensleydaleheiferofficial, 2017.12.25, ♥

  • Happy Christmas Eve! Left your shopping til last minute We ve got you covered. Our vouchers can also be emailed and your voucher will be with you almost instantly. You can order online at http:/www.wensleydaleheifer.co.uk/ or by calling our lovely receptionist on 01969 622 322 Have a fantastic Christmas Eve everyone, we ll be seeing some of you later today!

    #205, @thewensleydaleheiferofficial, 2017.12.24, ♥

  • to when our fabulous restaurant manager Julie attended The Food Awards to accept our prize in 2016. Looking good Jools!

    #206, @thewensleydaleheiferofficial, 2017.12.21, ♥

  • Ellen& Paul are some of our lucky competition winners and came to collect their stay& dine prize on Sunday evening- we hope you both had a wonderful time!

    #207, @thewensleydaleheiferofficial, 2017.12.19, ♥

  • We hope our customers love our Christmas room as much as we do! If you want to treat someone special to a gift voucher this Christmas, it will still be valid in time for them to use it against booking one of our fabulous Christmas rooms next year if they wish! To buy a voucher, call us on 01969 622 322 or buy online using the link below: https:/vouchers.giftvouchersolutions.com/vouchersales/choose.aspx c=wh956

    #208, @thewensleydaleheiferofficial, 2017.12.11, ♥

  • It s been a beautiful crisp morning here in West Witton, although we are very jealous of everyone s snowy scenes! If you re not a lover of the fluffy white stuff, come and visit us for lunch and curl up in front of the log fire in the lounge

    #209, @thewensleydaleheiferofficial, 2017.12.11, ♥

  • Has anyone entered our amazing voucher competitions over on our Facebook page One competition every week with multiple prizes. Check it out and enter here: https:/www.facebook.com/thewensleydaleheifer/ And don t forget, if you want to buy one of our vouchers for a special someone this Christmas, you can do so via our website or by calling us on 01969 622 322

    #210, @thewensleydaleheiferofficial, 2017.11.29, ♥

  • Urbanization

    #211, @alvydass, 2017.12.28, ♥

  • Sea View

    #212, @shakamini, 2017.07.07, ♥

  • S E M I N Y A K.lee

    #213, @ferns01, 2017.12.29, ♥

  • Friday vibes

    #214, @ferns01, 2017.12.22, ♥

  • Couple of lost kids in Seminyak

    #215, @ferns01, 2017.12.18, ♥

  • Rooftop views with the Family

    #216, @ferns01, 2017.12.16, ♥

  • Beach patrol

    #217, @ferns01, 2017.12.13, ♥

  • Someone s a little excited to become a big sister Bring on the month of June.lee

    #218, @ferns01, 2017.12.11, ♥

  • Sunset beach vibes

    #219, @ferns01, 2017.12.10, ♥

  • Daddy s sidekick

    #220, @ferns01, 2017.12.07, ♥

  • A few days ago when& I went for a trek around. Going through villages where they are completely empty is very sad to see, but there is truely some amazing parts of Indonesia that make you stop and think about how beautiful they are. Let s hope everyone can get back to normal as soon as possible.

    #221, @ferns01, 2017.12.03, ♥

  • Mornings with the hurricane

    #222, @ferns01, 2017.12.01, ♥

  • We miss you all!

    #223, @odisseapark, 2017.11.07, ♥

  • Today is a very sad day for us because we have closed our doors until next season. We want to thank each and every one of our guests for making this season an unforgettable moment. THANK YOU ALL AND SEE YOU SOON! 

    #224, @odisseapark, 2017.11.02, ♥

  • Be careful from ghosts and monsters tonight!

    #225, @odisseapark, 2017.10.31, ♥

  • Some haters will say that s photoshop. but this is our swimming pool in this moment!

    #226, @odisseapark, 2017.10.25, ♥

  • Simplicity is always better!

    #227, @odisseapark, 2017.10.24, ♥

  • We have found the best way to enjoy this weekend!

    #228, @odisseapark, 2017.10.21, ♥

  • Tell us who you re going to spend this weekend with! ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!

    #229, @odisseapark, 2017.10.20, ♥

  • 18 october, we still enjoying the swimming pool!

    #230, @odisseapark, 2017.10.18, ♥

  • Good morning from Odissea Park Aparthotel*!

    #231, @odisseapark, 2017.10.17, ♥

  • Here we have another great summer memorable moment from our guest at Odissea Park! Thanks for visiting us!

    #232, @odisseapark, 2017.10.14, ♥

  • Another favorite Pic 2017. Cologne, April 2017.

    #233, @neo_2102, 2018.01.04, ♥

  • Dressman.

    #234, @neo_2102, 2017.12.24, ♥

  • We wish you a Merry Christmas! Frohe Weihnachten!

    #235, @neo_2102, 2017.12.24, ♥

  • Kebetulan lewat

    #236, @yukberangkat, 2016.07.07, ♥

  • Thank you 2017!.

    #237, @tegarjiwo, 2017.09.17, ♥

  • The one and only Dolder Grand!

    #238, @gentl.ed.man, 2017.10.29, ♥

  • Hotel Impressions from our last Trip to Kos, Greece!:3

    #239, @sweetiexmara, 2017.09.03, ♥

  • Broken Beach

    #240, @ogierwin, 2018.01.06, ♥

  • The Grand Christmas Tree of Grand Hyatt Taipei.

    #241, @kglenn_au, 2018.01.02, ♥

  • The Gate To The Gay Beach!

    #242, @mrcristopherrobin, 2018.01.03, ♥

  • A different perspective of Hilton hotel in Athens./

    #243, @marios109, 2018.01.04, ♥

  • Throwback Bali-little monster

    #244, @laurii1307, 2017.11.03, ♥

  • I m missing the moment to wake up in the morning, open the door to enjoy this beautiful view on the rice fields btw I m missing almost everything there vollmeinding

    #245, @laurii1307, 2017.09.02, ♥

  • Swimming with.bill& mantas& beautiful fishes

    #246, @laurii1307, 2017.08.18, ♥

  • What a cutie

    #247, @laurii1307, 2017.08.15, ♥

  • Home

    #248, @camille_finet, 2017.12.02, ♥

  • Taking a rest with wild animals on the poolside after a long safari drive サファリドライブの後 プールで野生動物とひと休みできる素敵なホテル タンザニア

    #249, @inorimichi, 2017.10.11, ♥

  • See animals from the room! Wow The 5star treetop villa I am staying in Tarangire We can t walk alone because predators could be hiding in the bush タランギレで泊まってる木の上に造られたヴィラ お部屋から色んな野生動物が見れるサファリ5つ星ホテル。敷地内でもセキュリティなしで外出

    #250, @inorimichi, 2017.10.09, ♥

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