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Why all hashtags are grouped on 30?
  • 30 is the maximum number of hashtags that you can add at once in the description or in the comments to the post according to the rules of Instagram.
How to use 30 hashtags in one post?
  • 1st way: copy the group of 30 hashtags, insert them into the description of the post, save.
  • 2nd way: save the publication without hashtags, copy the group of 30 hashtags and insert them into the comment under your post.
When to publish hashtags? Is it possible to use always the same hashtags? - Important to know!
  • The hashtags must be added at the moment of publication in Instagram or immediately after it, because the hashtag's feed is chronological. An easier explanation: the sooner you add hashtags after the post's publication, the more persons see your post in the feed of hashtags selected.
  • Instagram doesn't like when you use the same hashtags from post to post. Even if the theme of your posts remains the same, you can always choose different hashtags, because there are various elements in the photo. For example, if all your photos represent nature, the hashtags shouldn’t be only "nature", but could be also " sunset", "flower", "sky", "spring" etc.
  • To get more likes, use more general hashtags. For example "cafe" instead of "Starbucks". The hashtags on more general topics are more popular in Instagram, they have more viewings of posts and more likes.
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Method of calculating popularity and how to use it.
  • On Instagram the popularity of a particular hashtag is equal to the frequency of its use.
    The frequency of use is the number of posts on Instagram with a specific hashtag.
    It follows from this that the popularity of a set of hashtags is the total number of posts of all hashtags included in the set.
  • The more popular a hashtag set is, the more likes and followers you can get from it.
    At the same time, the more popular a set of hashtags, the faster you have to add it to the description of the post or comment to it, because the feed of hashtags is chronological and posts on more popular hashtags quickly replace each other at the top of the feed.
How to understand and use color codes (red, orange, yellow)?
  • Red - High popularity - More than 10,000,000.
  • Orange - Average popularity - More than 1,000,000 and less than 10,000,000.
  • Yellow - Low popularity - Less than 1,000,000.

Top publications

  • For a lot of people February is a very cold and Dark month, but February is also the month of love, with Valentines day coming up. Take time this month to show yourself some love, care and attention, and be mindful of your body and your needs. You can begin with my Love You Series, starting off with a Thigh loving program. Find it on my youtube Channel TJ wellness. Or tap the link in my bio that will take you straight to my February workout calendar. Sending you all lots of love

    #1, @tjwellness, 2018.02.05, ♥ 1382

  • Throwback to throwing that leg for dear life. or more like: I didn t quite get the combination, wait what step is next. Have to work on that standing leg. to class. Guys, as you probably have seen in my story, I had a photoshoot today with the lovely! Such a sweet person, very talented and really kind! Loved creating with you today. Tomorrow our little weekend adventure starts, and I m already excited and curious how things will be. I m definitely looking forward to meeting tomorrow!. For more behind the scenes moments of my adventures go check out my personal account.balletlife.

    #2, @my.ballet.love, 2018.02.02, ♥ 835

  • PILATES FOR ATHLETES Try this challenging Unilateral Long Spine Massage This week we will be featuring my 2 most favorite sports: TENNIS& FOOTBALL(soccer) Working to show you ideas of the multiple possibilities of what we can do in the studio to support these athletes has just got me all excited, so today is a preview to tomorrow! Tennis players, as well as soccer players, use their lower body non stop to move& power their play. It is not only important to continue to strengthen all this musculature but also to lengthen it as it spends much time in contraction. This on the challenges asymétries(strengthening the weaker sides& lengthening the stronger sides) elongates the Back chain(hamstrings& calves) strengthens the upper back& arms decompresses the lumbar spine strengthens the feet, ankles, inner thighs, back chain of legs, glute max, PF, TvA, obliques develops balance& control teaches coordination of the breath with movement Wishing you well& happy movement today! Stay tuned for and my post tomorrow and JOIN US!.

    #3, @goneadventuringpilates, 2018.04.17, ♥ 781

  • TEASER NEW VIDEO UP NOW ON MY YOUTUBE GO check it out for a total CORE LINK IN PROFIL Easy to do from anywhere for this or your TAG FRIENDS who you want to take the class with! Thanks so much for all your support, I hope you are enjoying it for those of you who ve had a chance to check it out I add 1 new video/week. You ll find full session Pilates MAT workouts easy to do from home or when out! You can expect to find most between 15-30 minutes in length. don t forget to subscribe to the channel as that will help it get going Of course, let me know what you think! This IS a work in progress filming-wise, but we are starting and I am very excited for this next venture and hope you are too! Thanks again to each and everyone for each like, comment and your continued support!.

    #4, @goneadventuringpilates, 2018.04.13, ♥ 722

  • Mommy and Daddy. Before you were born, we dreamed of you, we imaged you, we prayed for you. ♡

    #5, @nikolinaminovska, 2018.02.05, ♥ 593

  • B A B E Girl power indeed! So lucky be to able to give life Have you used your super power yet Or still in the process Beautiful by and found on

    #6, @yummymummydayspasydney, 2017.12.28, ♥ 557

  • Baby Ives stopped by work today for a surprise visit!

    #7, @arianachernin, 2018.05.24, ♥ 524

  • ARMS-GLUTES-LEGS For some Can be done literally anywhere and also very good for runners in keeping with our April theme Don t forget to join us!. I am missing this weather and this view so posting this today while here it is dreary and rainy for an energy boost& some happy for me and for you, there s a view at the end I promise, wait for it!. And sending this out for Pilates Challenge week 2, a very abbreviated version on this tiny railing. make sure to check out all of theirs this week AND HAVE FUN! Happy friends! Let s start well Make sure to check out these 4 ladies for more and to participate in their challenge:.

    #8, @goneadventuringpilates, 2018.04.09, ♥ 522

  • Just taught at this morning and then went a got an almond milk latte from before some more organic chem Enjoy this rainy day in LA my friends!

    #9, @bwhitesides, 2018.03.22, ♥ 520

  • NEW VIDEO UP NOW ON MY YOUTUBE GO check it out LINK IN PROFIL A fun standing Pilates routine easy to do from anywhere for this or your TAG FRIENDS who you want to take the class with! Thanks so much for all your support, I hope you are enjoying it for those of you who ve had a chance to check it out I add 1 new video/week. You ll find full session Pilates MAT workouts easy to do from home or when out! You can expect to find most between 15-30 minutes in length. don t forget to subscribe to the channel as that will help it get going Of course, let me know what you think! This IS a filming-wise, but we are starting and I am very excited for this next venture and hope you are too! Thanks again to each and everyone for each like, comment and your continued support!.

    #10, @goneadventuringpilates, 2018.04.06, ♥ 469

  • Another dirty work mirror selfie.this time featuring le bump.

    #11, @empressivory, 2018.02.12, ♥ 455

  • Wish you a cozy weekend Film Lab

    #12, @elenamatiash, 2018.01.27, ♥ 438

  • When you feel love on the inside, you will see love on the outside. You are love! ♡ Photo:

    #13, @nikolinaminovska, 2018.02.09, ♥ 427

  • Back on the mic! Subbed the lovely class today BUT you can catch me at lunch every Tuesday 11:30am. Never been DM me for a free class and let s make some magic!

    #14, @arianachernin, 2018.06.05, ♥ 411

  • . and next time we ll be playing on this beach with our sweet angel Nikola. Throwback to. ♡

    #15, @nikolinaminovska, 2018.02.11, ♥ 403

  • Want to learn the key to reaching your fitness goals D I V E R S I T Y Barre classes are a packed with varied HIIT exercises so you improve your balance and muscle endurance and test your strength, Mobility and core stability all in one 1 hour session Don t forget, you can use the discount code BTB4000 at checkout to receive 20 off your next barre class until the 30th of November Want to join us at the Come along to our inspired Classic Barre classes, Monday nights 7-8:15pm in Wandsworth Town Fancy an upbeat, muscle toning, fat burning workout to a pumping playlist, join us at our classes Saturday mornings 9:30-10:30am Click the link in our bio and head over to our website for more information

    #16, @beyondthebarrelondon, 2018.10.22, ♥ 396

  • Hello third trimester counting down the days to meet you Scarlett

    #17, @heatherelguindy, 2017.12.10, ♥ 393

  • ARE YOU UP FOR ANYTHING To ring in 2018 and celebrate the launch of the new Up For Anything tight, me and my friend to be and step outside our comfort zone by attending a fitness class we ve never tried before. Throughout my journey, I ve taken all types of classes, from to, but never dared try rock climbing. The idea was intriguing, but the story I told myself was that it was too dangerous. We all have those exhilarating yet intimidating activities that we d like to try, but I truly believed that my size and strength disqualified me from participating. Like many activities of years past, I believed climbing wasn t meant for someone(fat) like me. Thanks to a growing movement of body confidence and inclusion, I ve been able to push past limiting beliefs about my body and the space I take up in the world. When Athleta asked if I was, I knew reaching for my limitless potential meant I not only had to scale the wall in the gym, but the one I d built up in my mind. Head over to my blog to read the full recap(link in my profile and leave a comment below sharing what classes, adventure, or challenges you d like to try in 2018! Also, I need climbing partners! If you re in SF and want to climb, DM me!

    #18, @excessmatters, 2018.02.06, ♥ 393

  • Gorgeous Define r and recently married takes Define to Krabi, Thailand She smashed all of her wedding prep goals and is continuing her Define journey by pressing play on a 30 minute Barre workout with Define London Founder and Define Master Trainer DEFINE ANYWHERE! www.Define.London wearing

    #19, @define.london, 2018.02.08, ♥ 384

  • Thanks for the Define London We can t believe a week has gone by since the first ever Barre on Ice in London! We had such a wonderful time working with Thanks to our gorgeous clients for making it such a huge success. Massive thanks to for spreading the Define London love Team Define London made some magic on Ice! We can t wait for the next event!

    #20, @define.london, 2018.02.10, ♥ 383

  • All our favourite veggies in one: Spicy Sweet potato and quinoa mix, with fregola and grains, sautéed spinach, kale, poached, coconut yoghurt and avocado Simple Healthy Delicious Want to join us at the Come along to our inspired Classic Barre classes, Monday nights 7-8pm in Wandsworth Town Fancy an upbeat workout to a pumping playlist, join us at our classes starting on Saturday the 8th of September Click the link in our bio and head over to our website for more information

    #21, @beyondthebarrelondon, 2018.10.21, ♥ 381

  • The days are getting shorter as is quickly approaching Keep your body fighting and ready for action with important and minerals to take over the cold spell Vitamin A& D to help boost your immune system and get you that much needed nutritious sunshine feeling Vitamin B complex(B3 in particular) to reduce tiredness and fatigue Vitamin C and Zinc to protect your cells and reduce the longevity of your cold Bee Propolis to boost your antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory response Want to join us at the Come along to our inspired Classic Barre classes, Monday nights 7-8:15pm in Wandsworth Town Fancy an upbeat, muscle toning, fat burning workout to a pumping playlist, join us at our classes Saturday mornings 9:30-10:30am Click the link in our bio and head over to our website for more information

    #22, @beyondthebarrelondon, 2018.10.23, ♥ 375

  • Read up on all things Define.London Launching in Fitzrovia in

    #23, @define.london, 2018.02.05, ♥ 373

  • Thanks for featuring.london and 11 ways to workout with your Friend and incorporating wine bottles as weights You truly can Define Anywhere! Cheers

    #24, @define.london, 2018.02.04, ♥ 371

  • 2 years ago today, Define London Founder launched her barre concepts in London Wow! Time flies but we are so proud of the Define journey! Thank You to All that have supported Ashley and her visions. Define London clients are forever the heartbeat of this business. Thank You and get ready to Define Yourself at 82 Great Portland Street soon

    #25, @define.london, 2018.02.11, ♥ 368

  • Dance like there s nobody watching, and focus on what makes you happy Want to join us at the Come along to our inspired Classic Barre classes, Monday nights 7-8:15pm in Wandsworth Town Fancy an upbeat, muscle toning, fat burning workout to a pumping playlist, join us at our classes Saturday mornings 9:30-10:30am Click the link in our bio and head over to our website for more information

    #26, @beyondthebarrelondon, 2018.10.13, ♥ 363

  • Counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until I meet my little best friend thank you so much

    #27, @heatherelguindy, 2018.01.25, ♥ 361

  • Welcome to the Define London Team, Coming from a professional dance background spanning stage, television and film, Kiri has gathered a wealth of knowledge on technique and movement that she brings to her work in fitness. Having trained intensively with the likes of The Royal Ballet School, London Studio Centre and with Dana Foglia, Beyonce s choreographer in Los Angeles; she is passionate about creative and intelligent exercise, connecting mind and body to pull the best work out of her clients. Kiri has worked in the boutique London fitness scene since 2015, honing in on barre and pilates. Experienced, knowledgable and descriptive she will push you to where you want to go and beyond. Combined with an eclectic playlist and fun atmosphere Kiri s classes will have you shaking and smiling until your next visit!

    #28, @define.london, 2018.02.08, ♥ 352

  • Lately I ve been hearing messages from the universe to focus on me. So, that s what I ve been doing-worrying less about others opinions and listening to my own inner voice. It s honestly been saying connect with new people and old friends, be decisive and assertive, make money, de-clutter, finish this semester strong, stay true to yourself, find ways to give back, take care of your skin, practice gratitude etc. There s more I have on my mind that I would like to bring to life, but for the next couple of months those are my goals. The common thread here is to get clear on what matters. to me, and owning it every moment

    #29, @shakti_shine, 2018.04.05, ♥ 347

  • Last week I had the chance to speak on a panel along side some of the sweetest, most genuine and down to earth women I ve ever met. It was such an honor to be sitting next to them and sharing our perspectives, ideas and tips on the importance of self care and balancing all aspects of life. It s so important for the health and well being of every woman and is something many of us put on the back burner or feel guilty about doing. I was so happy to be a part of reinforcing why it is SO important to take care of yourself in order to be the best version of you before you can take care of anyone or anything else with 100 effort and authenticity. I just want to say THANK YOU so much to everyone who came out and made this day so special. Thank you so much and for hosting such an empowering event. I can t wait to do it again!

    #30, @bwhitesides, 2018.03.24, ♥ 343

  • Long, Lean. YOU Defined! Stay tuned to all Socials and be sure to join our Mailing List at www.define.london to be the first to know about our Studio Launch, Membership/Packages, and Studio Scedule

    #31, @define.london, 2018.02.15, ♥ 333

  • Pregnancy Massage is really what started the whole process of creating Yummy Mummy Day Spa Don t get me wrong- I can PROMISE you we will never scan to uterus when you come into see us- and I am an absolute advocate of mamas taking time out for some self love/ relaxation. Our doors are open for any Mamas. Pregnancy Massage is heavenly when you re uncomfortable, stressed, swollen or struggling with aches. If you know a mama-to-be who needs a Massage: tag her below for a chance for you to BOTH win a relaxing massage Winner will be announced 31st October, 2017 xx gorgeous reposted from the lovely team at in Melbourne

    #32, @yummymummydayspasydney, 2017.10.26, ♥ 306

  • Discipline is the hardest thing to find, and the easiest thing to lose make it fun so that staying motivated doesn t feel so tough Don t forget you can use the discount code BTB4000 at checkout to receive 20 off your next barre class until the 30th of November Want to join us at the Come along to our inspired Classic Barre classes, Monday nights 7-8:15pm in Wandsworth Town Fancy an upbeat, muscle toning, fat burning workout to a pumping playlist, join us at our classes Saturday mornings 9:30-10:30am Click the link in our bio and head over to our website for more information

    #33, @beyondthebarrelondon, 2018.10.17, ♥ 303

  • We B E N D so we don t B R E A K Don t you can use the discount code BTB4000 at checkout to receive 20 off your next barre class until the 30th of November Want to join us at the Come along to our inspired Classic Barre classes, Monday nights 7-8:15pm in Wandsworth Town Fancy an upbeat, muscle toning, fat burning workout to a pumping playlist, join us at our classes Saturday mornings 9:30-10:30am Click the link in our bio and head over to our website for more information

    #34, @beyondthebarrelondon, 2018.10.16, ♥ 288

  • Do you live in London and are looking for a new and exciting way to stay fit while having fun at the Barre have officially joined the Classpass Family, now live at www.Classpass.com/explore/beyondthebarrelondon Don t forget, you can use the discount code BTB4000 at checkout to receive 20 off your next barre class until the 30th of November when you book through our website! Want to join us at the Come along to our inspired Classic Barre classes, Monday nights 7-8:15pm in Wandsworth Town Fancy an upbeat, muscle toning, fat burning workout to a pumping playlist, join us at our classes Saturday mornings 9:30-10:30am Click the link in our bio and head over to our website for more information

    #35, @beyondthebarrelondon, 2018.10.20, ♥ 287

  • Just a gentle reminder of how fab you are Happy Wednesday!

    #36, @define.london, 2018.02.07, ♥ 286

  • Who s getting ready for winter Don t forget, you can use the discount code BTB4000 at checkout to receive 20 off your next barre class until the 30th of November Want to join us at the Come along to our inspired Classic Barre classes, Monday nights 7-8:15pm in Wandsworth Town Fancy an upbeat, muscle toning, fat burning workout to a pumping playlist, join us at our classes Saturday mornings 9:30-10:30am Click the link in our bio and head over to our website for more information

    #37, @beyondthebarrelondon, 2018.10.19, ♥ 275

  • Happy Valentines Day everyone And Oh yes, BARRE class was fun today with! Our new program combining strength training, cardio, pilates inspired exercise and HIT to improve your posture, mobility and ur strength- plus its fun!.

    #38, @denischristian, 2018.02.14, ♥ 265

  • How we feel at 11am after Barre X Want to join us at the Come along to our inspired Classic Barre classes, Monday nights 7-8:15pm in Wandsworth Town Fancy an upbeat, muscle toning, fat burning workout to a pumping playlist, join us at our classes Saturday mornings 9:30-10:30am Click the link in our bio and head over to our website for more information

    #39, @beyondthebarrelondon, 2018.10.12, ♥ 264

  • There can never be too many spots around London that just make you stop and look up Don t forget, you can use the discount code BTB4000 at checkout to receive 20 off your next barre class until the 30th of November Want to join us at the Come along to our inspired Classic Barre classes, Monday nights 7-8:15pm in Wandsworth Town Fancy an upbeat, muscle toning, fat burning workout to a pumping playlist, join us at our classes Saturday mornings 9:30-10:30am Click the link in our bio and head over to our website for more information

    #40, @beyondthebarrelondon, 2018.10.18, ♥ 260

  • Wherever you are, always be in the mood to barre Don t forget to use the discount code BTB4000 at checkout to receive 20 off your next barre class until the 30th of November Want to join us at the Come along to our inspired Classic Barre classes, Monday nights 7-8:15pm in Wandsworth Town Fancy an upbeat, muscle toning, fat burning workout to a pumping playlist, join us at our classes Saturday mornings 9:30-10:30am Click the link in our bio and head over to our website for more information

    #41, @beyondthebarrelondon, 2018.10.15, ♥ 257

  • Another, another breakfast! This time we ve gone Turkish themed: Turkish poached egg, avocado and Quinoa power bowl with herbed Greek yoghurt, sun dried tomato pesto and spicy toasted sesame butter, finished with avocado, spinach and sesame seeds Simple Healthy Delicious Want to join us at the Come along to our inspired Classic Barre classes, Monday nights 7-8pm in Wandsworth Town Fancy an upbeat workout to a pumping playlist, join us at our classes starting on Saturday the 8th of September Click the link in our bio and head over to our website for more information

    #42, @beyondthebarrelondon, 2018.10.14, ♥ 255

  • Hands up if you re loving September so far It s one of our favorite months on island Come see us- classes daily 8:15 and 9:30am. Pic by the lovely

    #43, @forme.nantucket, 2018.09.07, ♥ 245

  • A sneak peak to our future! Practice makes perfect Congratulations to our sweet friends Brendon and Danielle, baby Bridgette is perfect

    #44, @heatherelguindy, 2017.11.25, ♥ 242

  • Does it count as chair pose if there s a bench! ⠀ We are loving and fully embracing these Fall vibes It is the last week to purchase our Three Month Unlimited Membership! So come see one of our smiling faces in the studio and we ll get you set up for success and in good for the Fall.(Available to purchase online too!): by

    #45, @forme.nantucket, 2018.10.11, ♥ 234

  • Hair and Makeup Date Are we really removing ourselves from the couch and going out! Shocked. YES! So excited to celebrate all things 2018 and my love.rikki Always grateful for this man every single day. Cheers to an amazing night and our couch tomorrow

    #46, @ashleybverma, 2017.12.31, ♥ 230

  • I am always trying to be creative and thinking outside the box I m so excited to be working with for a fab event coming your way! Details will be announced later in the month. Stay tuned! www.Define.London

    #47, @ashleybverma, 2018.01.07, ♥ 229

  • to our fab.london shoot Gorgeous Define London Instructor.withgabs looking STUNNING in the gorgeous leggings. We are OBSESSED

    #48, @define.london, 2018.02.10, ♥ 226

  • *new recipe* this was such a yummy breakfast thanks to. all you need:- baked sweet potato- scrambled eggs- spinach- strawberries- Himalayan salt& pepper it was so filling and delicious

    #49, @purebody_puremind, 2018.01.31, ♥ 225

  • SMOOTHIE BOWLS this bowl was sooo good recipe blend: quest vanilla protein,frozen blueberries, 1/2 frozen banana, almond milk, ice toppings: banana, dragonfruit, strawberries, granola,& of course peanut butter COMMENT your favorite smoothie bowl recipe

    #50, @purebody_puremind, 2018.02.24, ♥ 223

  • New week, new opportunities, new goals- go get em!.:

    #51, @forme.nantucket, 2018.08.27, ♥ 222

  • Third trimester at the UFC GYM Christmas party with these two beauts

    #52, @heatherelguindy, 2017.12.16, ♥ 218

  • Still waiting 39 6

    #53, @nowaynorway, 2017.12.26, ♥ 216

  • IT S A NEW DAY! Good morning and have a good day.

    #54, @musicbytouve, 2018.02.21, ♥ 209

  • Thank You Evening Standard for finding interest in me and Define.London I am working hard to create this brand and beyond proud of the fab Define.London team I am building! Thank You for simply being AMAZING! Link in Bio www.Define.London

    #55, @ashleybverma, 2018.01.03, ♥ 208

  • Grab your Valentine and Define like we did for Partner workouts are a wonderful way to stay motivated and on track! Moves demonstrated by amazing Define London instructors.withgabs

    #56, @define.london, 2018.02.14, ♥ 206

  • Hey weekend, we see you ⠀.⠀.⠀.⠀:

    #57, @forme.nantucket, 2018.08.17, ♥ 206

  • Looking for a stronger, healthier, and ultimately better YOU for 2018 Athlete or not I strongly encourage you to come reap the benefits that your body and mind will thank you for at in Modesto, CA through Pilates Chair, Reformer, Barre, Mat, TRX, and meditation! The staff members are extremely credible, knowledgeable and always eager to help transform lives for the better! Why wait until the new year! What are you waiting for! Sign up!

    #58, @b_hatty, 2017.12.28, ♥ 193

  • 30 weeks today. So excited to meet this little. Only 10 more to go!*knock on wood*

    #59, @jillayne.christensen, 2018.02.04, ♥ 191

  • Thanks Evening Standard for the Define.London love! Check it out! Link in Bio.london() When you ask someone about their New Year resolutions, chances are they will say they want to exercise more. And while we all start with a gym membership and good intentions, this can often fall to the wayside as exercise begins to feel like a chore. Luckily, Ashley Verma founder of DEFINE London has revealed the biggest fitness trends of 2018- and there s not a treadmill in sight. Link in Bio Founder

    #60, @ashleybverma, 2018.01.03, ♥ 191

  • Thank you so much to my sister-in-law for throwing us the cutest unicorn baby shower thank you for everything, it was absolutely perfect! Love you

    #61, @heatherelguindy, 2018.01.28, ♥ 189

  • Here s one more reason to be excited about the Open! is sending a lucky winner and their friend to the CrossFit Games this August, and giving another winner 3 months of FREE meals! Contact me if any affiliate would like to become one our partners, it s quick and easy to get set up. Not only is it hands off for you, you get commission on orders, discounts, it saves your members money and helps them fuel like a champ. Katie.com or send me a dm Our nutritionists also customize meal plans for any fitness or performance goal. Meals are macro and RP friendly, vegetarian options available, gluten free, dairy free, and soy free. To learn how to enter, visit https:/try.kettlebellkitchen.com/open-sweepstakes Link in bio

    #62, @lil_bit_of_fit, 2018.02.22, ♥ 188

  • Check out Beat Circuit on a Monday night at 7:00pm! Just 7.50

    #63, @beatfitness247, 2018.08.03, ♥ 186

  • And just like that. Staircase

    #64, @ashleybverma, 2018.02.01, ♥ 185

  • Is undereating getting in the way of your goals Sure, it s true that in our country, overeating is much more of an issue than eating too little. And a caloric deficit is helpful for fat loss. But in the wellness and fitness space, those who are focused on their health and goals often have the tendency to unknowingly under-eat, and too much of a caloric deficit is detrimental. Check out this incredible article by our nutritionist.jordan Link in bio https:/www.kettlebellkitchen.com/eating-getting-way-goals/

    #65, @lil_bit_of_fit, 2018.02.23, ♥ 185

  • 7.5 Months

    #66, @staciflook, 2018.01.29, ♥ 182

  • So is having a sale atm. life s too short not to buy all the things Seriously love everything they create stunning by

    #67, @yummymummydayspasydney, 2018.01.23, ♥ 182

  • I took my first class when I was four. My mom still tells stories of how I was the smallest in my class but tried my hardest each session. Still trying my hardest each session, I ve carried my love of dance into the fitness world- teaching infused fitness classes for the last 8 years. I m feeling very grateful this morning, after surviving a round of extremely intense training and evaluation within this technique. This new method is absolutely FANTASTIC and I cannot wait to share it. If you re at all interested in joining me for a class, please reach out- you will not regret it!

    #68, @mackensiegh, 2018.06.18, ♥ 179

  • Strong booty muscles are important for happy, healthy knees, hips, and low back! Strengthening your glutes helps to improve your posture by stabilizing your pelvis during everyday movements and athletic activities. Come work your buns with me tonight at Barre Yoga, 4:00-5:00pm!. Join our 30 Day Challenge: From now thru February 14, attend 15 classes Get 15 credit. 20 classes Get 20 credit. 30 classes Get 25 credit!

    #69, @sarahyoyoga, 2018.01.19, ♥ 177

  • Washing the Shea nuts! What does it remind you of Wine making

    #70, @fairtaleghana, 2018.02.02, ♥ 176

  • The dutchies 2nd day of LM bootcamp what an incredible experience!

    #71, @janine_brasse, 2018.01.30, ♥ 175

  • The beauty is that we can always recreate and write a new story What are the story s about your body that you tell yourself I used to look in the mirror and loath at my body, I used to tell myself I was ugly and that I was to curvy for my age, that my skin was horrible and my nose was to big. the list went on, now I know if your a man or a women in this life, then you have probably said at least one or two of these things, or maybe something similar but then I saw a different way, that I could learn to love myself as I was, I could make peace with my body and love my life anyway, and it s been one great journey of self development ever since. How about telling yourself that you are worth it, that you are enough, you can learn to love your body for exactly where it s at right here right now, only by loving and forgiving yourself then writing a new body story will you move forward. flip that script and turn it into a positive one maybe your already doing that Great keep doing it because your body is the garden of your soul, always feed it well and in return it will support you for the rest of your life What is something you love about your body!

    #72, @natasha_jwood, 2018.01.09, ♥ 174

  • It may not feel like Fall today(More like a beach day but we ll take it) But we re ready for our Fall Unlimited Membership 3 Months of unlimited classes for 100 per month! Link to purchase in our bio! This will be on sale for just weeks(until October 10th) so be sure to take advantage and get your seat to the barre ⠀:

    #73, @forme.nantucket, 2018.09.26, ♥ 172

  • Smile! It s good for the soul! Happy Saturday beautiful people!

    #74, @fairtaleghana, 2018.02.03, ♥ 169

  • Sweater Weather. Warm up in class this morning- 9:30am:

    #75, @forme.nantucket, 2018.10.14, ♥ 167

  • 2017 or 2018 Miracle

    #76, @nowaynorway, 2017.12.07, ♥ 165

  • Join us tomorrow morning at 9. 9:30 and 10 am for Reformer Pilates!

    #77, @beatfitness247, 2018.08.02, ♥ 165

  • Happy Saturday! Today I m off to meet my dear friend for some much needed girly time before our babies arrive! What are everyone s plans for today

    #78, @ourlifethroughmylens, 2018.02.03, ♥ 162

  • Casual modified fold over on Main St. Nothing to see here folks ⠀:

    #79, @forme.nantucket, 2018.10.23, ♥ 160

  • Weekend checklist: Barre Brunch Beach ⠀ ⠀ Enjoy the weekend barre babes!

    #80, @forme.nantucket, 2018.08.25, ♥ 159

  • Fresh cut by Nadav

    #81, @wendi.carroll, 2018.02.21, ♥ 156

  • Incase you have been wanting to try a barre class(bar comes after), come take one with me tonight!. 5pm at pomegranate studio! Lo siento, Charlie is not going to be coming with but maybe next time

    #82, @prismaalexandra, 2018.02.09, ♥ 156

  • Protein before a workout for only 3.50

    #83, @beatfitness247, 2018.08.04, ♥ 156


    #84, @wakeupandsquat.us, 2018.01.16, ♥ 155

  • Morning 宝宝的绒毛帽和小袜子

    #85, @nylonandcake, 2018.01.20, ♥ 154

  • Come try our altitude chamber for 30 faster results! Open; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday& Thursday from 3:30pm till 9pm

    #86, @beatfitness247, 2018.08.03, ♥ 150

  • Located just off Ballarat road(across burnside shops) Beat Fitness is a 24.7 gym with a well kept tidy venue, friendly staff, group fitness classes, Reformer Pilates, cardio training room, high quality equipment,  Beat Pilates, functional training area and is the only gym who offers High Altitude Training in Melbourne s North& West. Get faster results, Lose weight 30 faster and become the best version you can with our High Altitude Training at Beat Fitness.

    #87, @beatfitness247, 2018.08.04, ♥ 147

  • to this time last year raising a leg at the barre and filming YouTube workouts with the gorgeous if you haven t checked them out already go have a peak, there on my YouTube channel: Natasha J Wood we certainly felt the burn on this one

    #88, @natasha_jwood, 2018.01.11, ♥ 146

  • Sliding into Monday like Classes this week: MON 7pm vinyasa TUES 6am Barre express 7am Cardio Flash(HIIT) 8am Barre THURS 10am Barre FRI 5:45pm Hip hop vinyasa SUN 9am vinyasa yoga 10:15am vinyasa yoga TUES 12:15- 1pm Lunch Vinyasa 6:15-7:45pm Vinyasa

    #89, @besolojulia, 2018.02.26, ♥ 146

  • Dressin the bump denim style. Loving this cool weather where i can put on my scarf

    #90, @nylonandcake, 2018.01.14, ♥ 145

  • The heavier you lift, the more stronger you get. Just remember to draw your belly in and protect your back.

    #91, @beatfitness247, 2018.08.02, ♥ 145

  • Guess Who s Back We popped a champers last night in celebration of the wonderful Marie joining us at FORM We are sure some clients are excited to see her tomorrow AM in the clinical Pilates studio There s still time to book those Monday workouts- www.formpilates.com.au

    #92, @formpilatesandbarre, 2018.09.09, ♥ 144

  • Today was an absolute blast shooting with with.london So much happening and I am forever grateful for the journey. Thanks always to the fab team and the always EPIC clients

    #93, @ashleybverma, 2018.01.18, ♥ 143

  • Today was INSANE! Thank You.london clients for your constant love and support You all drive this business and I am forever grateful! Special to Tower clients for now making the trip to CW and Soho. Committed to Excellence

    #94, @ashleybverma, 2018.01.13, ♥ 143

  • We are a local 24.7 gym and Reformer Pilates studio in Ravenhall, just off Ballarat road. With a cardio area, functional training and group fitness.

    #95, @beatfitness247, 2018.08.02, ♥ 143

  • This lil beanie doesn t like to show off too much and probably, from the front, you wouldn t tell I m 17( 2) weeks pregnant but.I swear it loves to make me feel its presence through nausea and stomachache. House rule: dogs on the bed- Annalisa on the floor.

    #96, @annalisa_bbg, 2018.02.06, ♥ 141

  • Happy Monday! Our class schedule is shifting in the next few weeks Be sure to check online before signing up! We ll also be offering an incredible Unlimited Fall package details coming soon! Just another reason to stay on Nantucket longer.:by

    #97, @forme.nantucket, 2018.09.24, ♥ 141

  • Good Afternoon! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

    #98, @beatfitness247, 2018.08.05, ♥ 140

  • Well today has been tough! Feeling very heavily pregnant suddenly! Running around after a poorly little one and hospital appointments I m happy to be home and having nothing but a soak in the bath and a dose of mini eggs to look forward to! Who s had snow! Not us again, totally missing out on all the fun!

    #99, @ourlifethroughmylens, 2018.02.06, ♥ 139

  • Located just off Ballarat road(across burnside shops) Beat Fitness is a 24.7 gym with a well kept tidy venue, friendly staff, group fitness classes, Reformer Pilates, cardio training room, high quality equipment,  Beat Pilates, functional training area and is the only gym who offers High Altitude Training in Melbourne s North& West. Get faster results, Lose weight 30 faster and become the best version you can with our High Altitude Training at Beat Fitness. We like to think of our gym as a wellness journey and not just another gym. We believe that finding the right gym is important as we focus closely on customer service, take pride on delivering a service fit for all and provide a safe environment.

    #100, @beatfitness247, 2018.08.03, ♥ 138

  • Come try our Altitude Room where the Caroline Springs Footy Club do their pre-season training!

    #101, @beatfitness247, 2018.08.05, ♥ 137

  • EVERYONE: Another Nor easter ME: Summer is in 99 days As you might have guessed, all my regular classes are cancelled for today, but I m teaching a VIRTUAL VINYASA for at 10am! Sign up on mind body or on the website. Happy snow day!

    #102, @besolojulia, 2018.03.13, ♥ 135

  • Amazing having fab NYC Friend and old client jumping the pond to check out.london Loved catching up and having you in class, Safe travels! Xx

    #103, @ashleybverma, 2017.12.30, ♥ 134

  • 2017 you were the best one yet Married, pregnant, our first trip to Asia and surrounded by all of my best friends. Roll on 2018, can t wait to meet our baby girl

    #104, @heatherelguindy, 2018.01.01, ♥ 133

  • Sneak peek of exciting things to come for our Athleta Studio!  Don t forget to get your memberships before our new schedule starts this Sunday!(link in bio).

    #105, @athletanyc, 2018.02.08, ♥ 131

  • Millennium is pleased to announce this Beauty to our Faculty Stephanie fits in perfect with our amazing MDC family. So much talent. Bio below: Stephanie has been in dance and fitness for 25 years! After graduating she became an NBA dancer with Miami Heat for two years. While gaining experience with an agency as a commercial dancer as well specializing in Latin American styles dancing with Univision and Telemundo. She then became a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. After one year on this team she still longed to continue a commercial stylized dance experience. She moved back to Florida and booked commercial work with opportunities to perform on shows such as The Voice, Ellen, Good Morning America, BET, and The Teen Choice awards!. She has also performed with artists such as Pitbull, FloRida, One Direction, Marc Anthony, JLo, the B52s and Keith Urban. After moving to Nashville for a quick run at music that lead to marriage and a permanent home, Steph wanted to use her knowledge gained in health and wellness as a dancer to inspire others to be healthier dancers. Stephanie decided to get a certification as a health and wellness coach and a certification as a fitness instructor. She now teaches dance fitness classes and gives health and wellness chats at to inspire those wishing to feel beautiful inside and out.

    #106, @mdcnashville, 2018.02.24, ♥ 131

  • Benny loves ballet.

    #107, @cillaballet, 2018.04.01, ♥ 131

  • PB Fox is celebrating last night s win in style Don t forget we are either! Our New Client Special and 2018 Special are BACK for a limited time in honor of last night s win. Sales are live online through Wednesday at midnight and then gone for good! Snag yours now, or email us with questions!

    #108, @purebarre_foxborough, 2018.01.22, ♥ 130

  • S C O R E My BST find was a total score! I ve been loving all the Moses baskets but can t bring myself to pay 200 when I don t know that I ll use it again after this babe. So thankful for the sweet momma of 3 who sold it to me. Gotta love mommy thrifting and gifting!

    #109, @sarahwolfrum, 2018.01.31, ♥ 129

  • Stretching into midweek.! February has been strange and exciting so far

    #110, @candchong, 2018.02.07, ♥ 128

  • So excited to release the Pilates Fusion Film! Filmed in Paris by the amazing and his stunning team. Join the Gang and experience The Ultimate Hybrid Workout! Inspired by Pilates, Yoga, Barre, in a joyfull& intense rythme. Thanks to To the dancers Make up Special thanks to(we will have the best diners in town on this amazing terrasse soon!).paris we love that insane building! On est tellement excités de vous présenter le film Pilates Fusion! Tourné à Paris par le dément et toute la team Rejoignez le Gang et expérimentez le training ultime, un hybrid entre le Pilates, le yoga et la Barre au sol dans un entraînement de pur plaisir et d intensité.

    #111, @pilates.fusion, 2018.06.21, ♥ 128

  • Dinara is about to explote

    #112, @gustavo.photography, 2018.02.08, ♥ 127

  • 2 6 W E E K S Almost to the third trimester! I was looking at myself the past week& wondering howwwww is it possible to get bigger!(Even though I know the drill.) The weird aches and pains seem to be setting in sooner this time around. Sleep is getting harder. I find myself more tired during the day and more energy at night. But its all worth it in the end, right!

    #113, @sarahwolfrum, 2018.02.01, ♥ 127

  • I N H A L E receive E X H A LE release Officially cleared as a instructor yesterday, and I am really feelin myself. No seriously, my whole body is sore AF! But also heart has never felt more full and truly, I ve never loved myself more. I pushed myself harder than I ever have, and I can t wait to share this practice with you. Stay tuned. Heaps of gratitude to and the fierce women of the tribe Classes this week: MON 7pm vinyasa TUES 6am Barre express 7am Cardio Flash(HIIT) 8am Barre THURS 10am Barre FRI 12:15-1pm Lunch vinyasa 5:45pm Hip hop vinyasa SUN 7:45am vinyasa yoga 9am vinyasa yoga 10:15am vinyasa yoga TUES 12:15- 1pm Lunch Vinyasa 6:15-7:45pm Vinyasa.*Tuesday classes may be cancelled depending on dis freakin snowstorm. Update ya later today*

    #114, @besolojulia, 2018.03.12, ♥ 127

  • Just a few spots left in our beach side Sweat For a Cause! Repost from When your love for fitness meets your love for animals you get Beach Barre and Yoga for a Cause with in support of! When: 8/23 Where: Nobadeer Beach Time: 9:30am Instructor: This season, I jumped back into instructing with.nantucket and I couldn t be more excited to see two passions of mine come together for this very special class! Hope to see you there in support of our furry friends!.

    #115, @forme.nantucket, 2018.08.21, ♥ 127

  • NEW FORM APPAREL Muscle Tanks 40- will be available to purchase tomorrow(Tuesday the 11th), sorry but there will be no holds on these, first in best dressed- however we will order a second drop if there is demand for it. Long Sleeve Tees 40 also available to purchase tomorrow(Tuesday the 11th) Final drop of FORM jumpers will be available tonight for those who have ordered them Feel free to drop into the studio tomorrow during class hours to purchase any of these items! www.formpilates.com.au

    #116, @formpilatesandbarre, 2018.09.10, ♥ 126

  • My Nanna had four boys and told me the secret to happy school holidays was to take the kids down to the beach ALL. DAY. LONG. She would find a girlfriend or two, pack the(no real sunscreen or rashies in those days so I can only imagine the sun burn), a picnic lunch and head to the So I did that the other day- and you know what It was BLISS! The kids were so happy, the mums were happy and it was the easiest 8 hours ever. My beautiful Nanna is gone in body, but I bet she was parked right next to me in spirit- chilling out with us. The beautiful is.sonny.days Such a babe!

    #117, @yummymummydayspasydney, 2018.01.16, ♥ 120

  • Baby slippers! So stinking cute!

    #118, @ourlifethroughmylens, 2018.02.02, ♥ 120

  • Oh what a this is! I wasn t going to post this pic that I recently came across because it s SO bad but you know what, someone may need this the way I needed it. I have been slacking with my all my posts, but best believe nothing has changed since my pic on the right. I will NEVER allow myself to be that unhealthy again. This is not. I was and that IS. I want you to know that if I can do this, YOU CAN TOO! I am five feet tall and probably was pushing 200 lbs in the first pic. I m now 115-120. The thing is, yes, I lost weight. You know the story.But the most importantly, I was READY to make a change and I didn t fuck around. I my body exactly into what I wanted. I shed the excess weight and then turned ALL my fat into muscle. With that being said, I have NO loose skin, NO stretch marks(not that there is anything wrong with that; I just didn t want it!) I committed to becoming healthy and researched how to do it the way I wanted and I am(literally!) that! I will never NOT get my workouts in, I will NEVER get complacent. I ve maintained the SAME weight since 2014. Mind you, I almost died 2 years ago and was unable to workout or MOVE for SIX weeks. I was home bound. Did I let almost dying stop me NOPE! This type of is what I was looking for when l joined years ago. I needed& and now I am my OWN Motivation. Loosing weight and changing your lifestyle is SO HARD. You have to want it. If you have followed my, you see I didn t even let cheating death stop me! Do you know how many times I tried and failed Too many to count. I went from never working out to becoming a. I set a goal of becoming a who earned my& then some. This isn t a, but a. Knowing food IS an is the first step. NO diet will work. You have to change your mindset and stop abusing food. The doctors said if I wasn t so healthy, I WOULD have been dead. I and

    #119, @allthingsalecia, 2018.02.14, ♥ 118

  • Good Morning! Come on in and try one of the CORE powerfoods for only 6.95 a meal!

    #120, @beatfitness247, 2018.08.05, ♥ 118

  • After hours at the barre finding mermaid in camel pose

    #121, @candchong, 2018.01.24, ♥ 117

  • Vintage shabby chic with a twist of lace.

    #122, @frankieandfawn, 2018.01.28, ♥ 115

  • Do not be fooled by the path of least resistance, never settle for anything less that what you deserve often those that make tough decisions early on in life lead to a better life later on. it can be hard breaking away from old habits and patterns, but settling in something that no longer serves you will only lead to suffering later on. It s a metaphor for all areas of life really, but when it comes to our body the mind, if you can break the patterns of self sabotage it will lead to a greater sense of wellbeing and a healthier body mind. Simply stop yourself when you start to run the negative script, tell yourself that you are worth putting the time and effort into becoming the better you happy Saturday warriors

    #123, @natasha_jwood, 2018.02.03, ♥ 111

  • Look for the light while keeping your hips square, spine long and drishti firmly fixed happy Saturday warriors sign up to my news letter at www.natashajwood.com to hear about upcoming classes and workshops, both barre yoga get that body moving

    #124, @natasha_jwood, 2018.01.20, ♥ 110

  • So much happening and beyond grateful. Define.London Training has been going strong and I can t wait to launch all these fab concepts. It s amazing to finally release it out of my head and see it on bodies. Get ready London Town to find your Next Level Fitness with.london.withgabs

    #125, @ashleybverma, 2018.02.13, ♥ 108

  • Exactly 1 year ago today I almost lost you. I was 26 weeks pregnant and had a placental abruption. The doctors were able to stop my labour but they were not able to tell how bad the damage had been until after I had given birth. That fear I had everyday for the rest of my pregnancy kept me up most nights but it was nothing compared to the fear of losing you. Everyday I think of how lucky I am to wake up to your smiles every morning and to fall asleep with you in my arms every night. You are the reason my world keeps turning and not a moment goes by when I dont think of this day last year and what could have happened. Thank you for being strong Little Thumper.

    #126, @mirandabananaz, 2018.02.04, ♥ 107

  • Me auditioning for an 80 s workout video(looking fly though).

    #127, @alexismdamen, 2018.02.11, ♥ 106

  • Smiling on the outside, but 4 letter words running through my head Come silently swear with me in class this week: MON 7pm vinyasa TUES 6am Barre express 7am Cardio Flash(HIIT) 8am Barre THURS 10am Barre FRI 5:45pm Hip hop vinyasa TUES 12:15- 1pm Lunch Vinyasa 6:15-7:45pm Vinyasa: for

    #128, @besolojulia, 2018.04.02, ♥ 106

  • Their hearts are ready for you little one! For so long this little nugget has looked up at her big sister with such awe and this time next week she will finally become that big sis herself. She has made it quite clear though that Amelia is on nappy duties whilst she will teach him to withstand a rugby tackle!

    #129, @ourlifethroughmylens, 2018.02.08, ♥ 105

  • Five minute pose(left), ten minute(right)

    #130, @gailreidartist, 2018.02.05, ♥ 105

  • Strive for that perfect love. The one that makes you feel like you are never alone, even when you actually are. Going through a pregnancy with family living 4 hours driving and fiancé 18 hours flying away, is not easy at all. But this one always finds the way to reassure me, to give me the strength I need and to send me some love. We are not perfect at all, but we are the perfect match to each other. Can t wait for this.

    #131, @annalisa_bbg, 2018.02.03, ♥ 103

  • Amen!

    #132, @littlehulky_kai, 2017.12.31, ♥ 101

  • Here is My great friend, the French Producer and filmmaker as well, Jean-Marc AUCLAIR. Yesterday February 3rd, at home he opened to me a new point of view to the world. Through his own, the world is wonderful. Thanks to him, Today I want again to express gratitude to the Universe. So do I to YOU too!

    #133, @musicbytouve, 2018.02.04, ♥ 101

  • SAVE THE DATE- THE WAIT IS OVER! We ve been extremely busy working hard to bring a new fitness experience to Sea Point. From next week, we are opening up our extended space downstairs and we will be offering the following NEW classes Spinning HIIT Barre Yoga Kizomba, Zumba and Afro Dance Body conditioning Boxing with an Aqua Training Bag WE WANT YOU TO COME EXPERIENCE THEM! Next week only we ll be offering FREE trial classes of all our new classes. Booking link to be shared this weekend for direct booking. Classes will be available in the morning and evening! See you at the gym

    #134, @mojo_boxing_and_fitness, 2018.04.07, ♥ 101

  • Never Miss A Monday Sometimes all that you need is a mat, pilates ball and some time to get your body moving Make it your goal to move today. takes us through a blend of Pilates and Barre on the mat. Would you like us to share more you can do at home! www.formpilates.com.au

    #135, @formpilatesandbarre, 2018.09.10, ♥ 101

  • Thank You Define London Clients for making yesterday s first ever Define Barre on Ice so special! I was truly inspired and it was fab getting to know you all over a delicious brunch Thank You for having.london involved in such a beautiful festive event. Massive Thank You to for assisting me, so everyone stayed in perfect Define form and safe on the Ice Rink Also, gorgeous goodies by

    #136, @ashleybverma, 2018.02.04, ♥ 100

  • Donut forget to place your order before midnight tonight for Monday delivery! Dm me for any questions and a referral for 25 off your KBK order. Order link in bio The past year I learned to listen carefully to what my body& mind was telling me. What you fuel your body& mind is either fighting disease& negativity or feeding it. Delicious healthy fuel doesn t have to be boring or tasteless. The most important thing I have learned over the course of my fitness journey is to pay attention to ingredients& eat real food. With, every ingredient is listed clearly and you can also custom your meals to fit your fitness goal. None of us are perfect, but make sure you invest in yourself. Feed your champion, fuel your adventure!

    #137, @lil_bit_of_fit, 2018.02.21, ♥ 100

  • Rainy days(pt. 2)

    #138, @f.murro, 2018.05.22, ♥ 100

  • I want to introduce you to this total babe who happens to be our Spa Manager: Lauren Most of the time when you ring the spa- she s the absolutely delightful voice on the other end of the line. Lauren has been an absolute angel and we love her to pieces. The last six months or so could have been an absolute nightmare, but she s just been so amazing that words will never express how thankful we are to have her Few things about Lauren: Her fave treatment is Massage Her fave product we stock is the Exfoliating Cleanser(mine too! SNAP!) because it smells like holiday on her skin and keeps her clear of breakouts. Three things she s grateful for are all the lovely people in her life, her health and how happy she feels

    #139, @yummymummydayspasydney, 2018.01.17, ♥ 99

  • YOU GUYS! I m teaming up with to bring you loads of new workshops and classes in 2018! Minnesota- I know I ve been gone for a while. now s your chance to catch me locally Who s ready to Spark Their Sukha!() 2018 workshop planning meeting!. Stay tuned to hear about awesome things coming!. BARRE classes added to our group fitness schedule!(Still trying to pick days/times). Youth Girls Workout, Workshop, Yoga, Vision Board event! Thur. DEC.28th 9-12 p.m.*perfect Christmas gift! 50 limited space. Adult Day Workshop- yoga, meditation, jounaling and goal setting for 2018! Fri. Dec. 29th 9:30-12:30 p.m. 50 limited space. 6 week beginners yoga series Wed. 7-8 p.m. Jan. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Feb. 7th 120. Spark Your Sukha Workshop Series! Sun. 5-7p.m. Jan. 7th, 14th, 21st*amazing way to kick off your new year! 150. Candle Light Yin Yoga Sun. 7:30-8:30 p.m. Jan 7th, 14th, 21st. 20 drop in or 3 for 50. Just a sample of what s coming!.

    #140, @meghanradde, 2017.12.05, ♥ 99

  • When Pilates Fusion Gang creates a new flow.it s HOT The Pilates Fusion workout is an experience about. When Joseph Pilates was a visionary in the early 20thcentury, already understanding that it was all about functionality& balance. He created a method inspired by many different disciplines, opening himself with a new vision of training and rehabilitation. I would call it  intelligent training  In the name of Pilates Fusion, this is what we want to pursue. Huge thanks.paris

    #141, @pilates.fusion, 2018.07.17, ♥ 99

  • Never stop walking on your path, it s up to you the direction you take, listen to your body, listen to your hearts whispers, because only you know. By being thankful for what we have right here and right now you create an incredible sense of wellbeing, even through the tough times gratitude shifts your perception to that of a more positive one, be thankful for where your at in your body, in your home, in your life right now. Look out for those lessons and keep on walking happy Thursday dancing feet, meet me at the barre this week and get your daily burn on or follow along with my home workouts on YouTube: Natasha J Wood

    #142, @natasha_jwood, 2018.01.18, ♥ 98

  • Today was my first Barre Ballet class so much fun and a good work out with some lovely ladies! I m disappointed there is no ballerina emoji.

    #143, @mind.body.soul.heart, 2018.02.07, ♥ 98

  • What an amazing thing the female body is

    #144, @ladyhoot, 2018.02.10, ♥ 97

  • The goofball in me honors the goofball in you Classes this week: MON 7pm vinyasa TUES 6am Barre express 7am Cardio Flash(HIIT) 8am Barre THURS 10am Barre FRI 5:45pm Hip hop vinyasa SUN*i will not be teaching this Sunday as I ll be at Buti training! The lovely will be subbing for me! Thanks beauty* TUES 12:15- 1pm Lunch Vinyasa 6:15-7:45pm Vinyasa

    #145, @besolojulia, 2018.03.05, ♥ 97

  • Friday, February 9th. I was running on a no man s land to attempt the Cinewa Festival where our film was scheduled yesterday. Very strange trip. Une eau/forte de Rembrandt by Thomas Grascoeur, Musicbytouve.

    #146, @musicbytouve, 2018.02.11, ♥ 97

  • First PBB signature class which incorporates Pilates, yoga and ballet bar conditioning. Note to self-I am about as elegant as a hippo and my sister deserves a medal for being a ballerina A class that challenged me because my balance is shocking and first position means nothing to me but hey ho we got to try the things we aren t good at to push ourselves and our bodies in a variety of different ways

    #147, @lilygraceholdaway, 2018.04.09, ♥ 95

  • 440 rides, 70 barre classes, throw in some yoga and HIIT and you get 2 INCREDIBLE YEARS at my second home Still remember that first ride with.soul- not a clue what was going on and just desperately trying to keep up! This post is to say the BIGGEST, most HEARTFELT and GENUINE thank you to the most amazing team- for your passion, energy, dedication, love and care- instructors, FOH& EK staff, housekeeping, behind the scenes in the office- you are all wonderful! Of course not forgetting the lovely souls that I get to share the studios with every week(Special thanks to and for my secret blend smoothie& for a kick ass ride today!) So much love from me to you all- 500 rides and 100 barre classes you re not far off and I m coming for you!(Better up the yoga and HIIT now!) You guys rock my world!

    #148, @pipchesh, 2018.02.18, ♥ 95

  • I m wearing the smile you gave me- this is for you and also for you, our lil beanie ♡.

    #149, @annalisa_bbg, 2018.02.03, ♥ 94

  • Heads up party people, Portugal retreat with and I is in 68 days Classes this week: MON 7pm vinyasa TUES 6am Barre express 7am Cardio Flash(HIIT) 8am Barre THURS 10am Barre FRI 5:45pm Hip hop vinyasa SUN 7:45am Mellow vinyasa yoga 9am vinyasa yoga 10:15am vinyasa yoga TUES 12:15- 1pm Lunch Vinyasa 6:15-7:45pm Vinyasa

    #150, @besolojulia, 2018.03.26, ♥ 94

  • Thank you for another amazing Boxing Conditioning class!

    #151, @heatherelguindy, 2018.01.23, ♥ 93

  • I m focused man. Come holla at me man.-Young Hov

    #152, @nv.underconstruction, 2017.07.06, ♥ 93

  • Sophia is bringing to Paris. The founder of this hot workout has exciting projects coming up so stay tuned! Difficult to compare this to any other practice, you have to try it out, all we can say is be ready to burn.

    #153, @kindleggings, 2018.07.28, ♥ 93

  • Tuesday s at FORM We re calling it. but FORM is the place to be this Tuesday AM We hope your day is magic Book your sessions via the iPhone app OR by visiting our fancy website www.formpilates.com.au

    #154, @formpilatesandbarre, 2018.09.10, ♥ 93

  • Day 1 7 That face says it all Today, I made what I thought was impossible, possible with a lunchtime workout Only reason I made it possible was because of you all and your tips from dry shampoo, choose low impact workout(less sweat), hair in bun so no kinks however one I didn t know about was to wear your sports bra to work- next time! Thank you for all your advice Lunchtime workout or leaving the office is so out of my character my boss thinks I went for an interview- keeping him on his toes

    #155, @duracellbunny_bi, 2018.04.18, ♥ 91

  • Coffee dates with my love, friends, dad or myself, are my favorite dates ever.

    #156, @annalisa_bbg, 2018.01.29, ♥ 90

  • C Café mocha-vocado, for the morning(day) win. This has so much super-food in it that I can imagine someone getting a promotion at work, or starting their own company after incorporating this into their day! Avocado has a unique quality that gives smoothies an amazing silky texture! It will be making you want to add it to all of your, Vita-mix master-blends.*sidenote: I can t eat avocado on it s own! I ate too much when I was little& haven t eaten it since I was 5, lol. Now, I can get it in. It had more potassium than a banana& tons of fiber. I have gut issues& I m mindful of taking care of my second brain(gut) these days. If you have seen my insta stories lately you ll know I ve been savoring this coffee fabulous-ness on the daily for a month& I m not getting tired of it. In fact, at night, I find myself excited for morning so I can drink it! I always give credit where it s due whether it s quotes, info, recipes etc, but today this is my own original recipe I hope you enjoy& make little tweaks to suit your own taste& health needs. This provides lasting energy, focus, creamy café mocha flavor, smooth skin, shiny hair, satiety, gut restorative deliciousness. Guilt free and you won t feel hungry for hours. 2 c Organic Fair Trade Coffee 1/4 c SO Delicious coconut milk 1/4 or so organic avocado(I used the amount shown in pic) 1 scoop beef gelatin 1/2 scoop bone broth 1 t organic cocoa powder 1/2 t organic Maca powder organic pure vanilla extract Organic Stevia to taste 1/2 t*Option- 1/2 scoop Quest vanilla protein powder for flavor add in Extras on top Bee pollen& water for the coffee(from) raw organic cocoa powder whipped topping of your choice 8 Ingredients, 2 min prep, warm& comforting. I make more for a second serving. I can save for later or to drink more at the time. It s good& don t want to have to re-do everything. blend in ice or add cubes for a mid-day energy boost when days get warm. Keto, whole 30, paleo friendly. The Maca, cacao, vanilla, all 5-ish at Trader Joe s. VitalProteins autoship for my bone broth, beef gelatin,

    #157, @jules__oc, 2018.02.12, ♥ 90

  • JUST RELEASED! Milestone blankets exclusive to Charlie& Mum The perfect way to document the first 12 months of your little babes life

    #158, @charlieandmum, 2017.11.22, ♥ 89

  • Today it was a sunny day and this always makes me so happy and smiling for no reason. I went downtown for a walk and I found myself surrounded by dozens and dozens of kids dressed up for carnival. I have never been a big fan of this holiday honestly, but I ve caught myself cuddling my belly and thinking about how amazing it will be to share all of these moments with our baby and make great memories. Can t wait for this ♡.

    #159, @annalisa_bbg, 2018.02.11, ♥ 89

  • Yesterday I was able to listen to your lil heart and that loud bum-bum-bum sounded to me like the best music ever. You were telling me mom, I am fine! You do not have to get worried, you do not have to listen to people who keep saying how small is your belly, how hectic is your/our life and that you need to slow down, you cannot walk two big dogs three times a day, carry heavy grocery bags, you cannot manage everything by yourself.bla bla bla. Mom, we got this! It s crazy, inexplicable, I don t even know if you are a mini me or a mini Dem(daddy) yet, but I love you so much already.

    #160, @annalisa_bbg, 2018.01.27, ♥ 88

  • And that s a wrap for day one!. I cannot say thank you enough to all of the wonderful clients that came to our classes today The energy you provided to the space and to myself was just so amazing. I honestly feel so incredibly blessed to have a career that fills me with such joy, contentment, passion, inspiration and peace And a studio that makes me want to just hang out there. Thank you to everyone that has supported this little side interest of mine. Who would have thought six years ago, or even two years ago, that it would have evolved into this sensational opportunity with a beautiful team of people!. Okay, enough emotional stuff, now for a self promoting plug. Come join me for some movement fun! Loads of styles to choose from; absolutely something for everyone!. Peace and love to all

    #161, @jaydedoody, 2018.08.27, ♥ 88

  • BRB goin 2 the beach again/ Jokes actually covered in aloe vera recovering from yesterday s tan sesh gone wrong how you feeling little chilli pepper

    #162, @ladyhoot, 2018.02.08, ♥ 87

  • In the spirit of trying new things, I have been testing the waters with a new barre class. It is SO hard and SO amazing at the same time. In two weeks I have totally tightened up! Yesterday we did power barre and I wanted to die but I didn t I did at one point grunt and I think that made the girl next to me uncomfortable Aurora calls the moves I practice Yoga.

    #163, @stephanieleakey, 2018.03.13, ♥ 87

  • 37. SSW Shot by my husband

    #164, @jasmin.busch, 2018.02.04, ♥ 86

  • My gorgeous sister-in-law.

    #165, @marta.banaszak.photos, 2018.02.09, ♥ 86

  • . Really, I don t know why, but I feel so happy this morning: then, take my smile as granted for you.

    #166, @musicbytouve, 2018.01.27, ♥ 86

  • Time for a power snack Matcha, pistachio, almond, dates and coconut A serious explosion of flavour in ya mouth And don t even get me started on how much nutrition is packed into this little ball of green goodness Life without bliss balls would be no life at all What s you fav flavour Hit me with some inspo

    #167, @coconutmybody, 2018.02.19, ♥ 85

  • Can t wait to call this place home: bae.

    #168, @annalisa_bbg, 2018.02.04, ♥ 84

  • Bordeaux, January 19th. There are New Friends and exceptional wines after my private solo piano concert, a gift for the grand father of the very famous french Tenor Benjamin Bernheim Château Vignault 1938! Château d Yquem 1938 as well Château Talbot 1938 as well La Grande Chartreuse Tarragone. 1903/1910: yes. a centenary liquor! But also: Château Petit Village 2006 Château Pichon Comtesse Lalande 2005 I was not drunk but amazed by very warm French and Switzerland s people. Benjamin had his own concert at the Bordeaux Opera House the day before. He was Rodolfo in the terrific La Boheme of Puccini conducted by Gustavo Dudamel at the Paris Bastille Opera in December(previous post) By the way, the woman who was the driver of the taxi which brought me to the place was the grand grand grand daughter of one of the oldest people in France: Mme Rousseau, 102 years old like a very good wine as well!

    #169, @musicbytouve, 2018.01.20, ♥ 84

  • I taught a super fun super sweaty class this afternoon and added in this fun compound move. Upper and lower body. Such a burner for the calves. But more than a fun class, I got to connect with my friends and clients. Barre3 is my second home. Where some beautiful soul will always indulge my request for a videographer.

    #170, @kattiesmilovsky, 2018.04.22, ♥ 84

  • So it s been suggested to me to get vulnerable and give you guys a few facts about myself that you probably wouldn t already know about me(and I ll try to make it a bit juicy for ya)! If you relate to any of this, please do comment and let me know! 1)I grew up on 10acres in the farmland. 5 kids, 2 parents, and an open door policy for all the neighbours! 1 delinquent boy who would frequently lock us out of our own house. 2) my 1st date was with the shortest, thinnest Chilean boy in grade 8 named Ian(funny cause I married a Mexican man named Ian! Not short, nor skinny!) we went to outdoor golf and We were great friends! He moved to Chile and returned a yr later, the tallest kid in school! 3) I was always the teenager reading about diets and food and I was always exercising, yet I never looked like the sports magazine cutouts that lined my bedroom doorframe. Never. 4) my New Years resolution at 18 was to hang upside down from some monkey bars and see the world a different way. 5) I met my husband at the garbage dump.because I was the person in the booth( scale operator) who charged the difference in weight. Hey, 12/hr over the minimum 8 was a total score at 19yrs old! 6) to this day, locked in a box in my house, I have a guiding note I wrote to myself when I was 18. A cardboard rectangle wrapped in tape made it super durable over the years! 7) Before having Diego, I had a chemical pregnancy.basically your body wants to be pregnant so badly that it starts to act like it is, when it isn t. For a short time I could barely get out of bed. 8) I am incredibly tuned in to sub-language: body language, tone of voice, mannerisms, choice of words, information offered, order of topics mentioned.it gets weird! 9) I used to never be able to say no to people. The process of learning how to value myself and my time was one tough thought process to break! Way tougher than you d think! 10) My life is not perfect and when I feel overwhelmed or frustrated, I whisper I m so grateful, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I m so grateful. Usually while rocking my son. Ahh there it is! A bit of me!

    #171, @liveitwellnutrition, 2018.02.01, ♥ 83

  • Today Ian made me French toast and I dressed it up and took a picture of it(what nutritionist wouldn t! Haha!) my childhood friend long-ago converted me to peanut butter on French toast so we have a blend of pb, coconut whip cream, and blackberry jam made by. All of this topped with local organic blueberries! I love this jam because it s sweetened with agave nectar and, well, its tastes super good! tell me, how do YOU eat your French toast I need some new ideas!

    #172, @liveitwellnutrition, 2018.01.28, ♥ 83

  • Hot lemonade has been my best friend since I got pregnant. I don t want to get any medicine to fight the nausea, even if it would be way easier, because I don t want to poison my baby and my body. I am not a big fan of medicine unless I have no other options.

    #173, @annalisa_bbg, 2018.01.20, ♥ 83

  • Go Team Almost coming to the end of another great week at FORM The first few days of spring has certainly got everyone super motivated and committed to their visits which is so awesome to see! Enjoy your Thursday

    #174, @formpilatesandbarre, 2018.09.05, ♥ 83

  • Mothers of the world

    #175, @wellingtonfactory, 2018.02.06, ♥ 82

  • At Alli.C we conquer Monday s! How about you

    #176, @love_alli.c, 2018.01.30, ♥ 81

  • Last day of summer, last day of Febfast! Had lots of fun with these wonderful Barre girls this morning

    #177, @wendi.carroll, 2018.02.28, ♥ 81

  • An original theater project on process with my beloved Friends Florian Jourdain and Thomas Grascoeur. The Story is about a very special woman:

    #178, @musicbytouve, 2018.01.24, ♥ 81

  • To when I used to where Bloch Sonata MK II I think they are discontinued now though.

    #179, @cillaballet, 2018.03.30, ♥ 80

  • No secret that this pregnancy has been pretty difficult for me Keeping food down and putting on weight just wasn t happening. Imagine my surprise this morning when I jumped on the scales at the gym.ive somehow managed to stack on 4kg in less than 2 weeks

    #180, @ladyhoot, 2018.02.11, ♥ 79

  • Back in Leslieville for the first class of the day. Got here early so I could practice some new warmup action. Excited for this beautiful sunny day! Energized for a sweaty class!

    #181, @kattiesmilovsky, 2018.04.22, ♥ 79

  • Yummyyyy! I have been under the weather with a stuffy nose, plugged ears, and zero energy the last couple days. So it s times like these that call for easy-to-digest meals like soup as well as dairy-free foods(for many reasons but in this case) to combat mucous. I decided to fire up my panini grill and let me tell you! my tummy is still so full with this delicious meal: stringy grilled cheese on sourdough and homemade tomato/cauliflower soup!

    #182, @liveitwellnutrition, 2018.01.27, ♥ 76

  • Happy November! ⠀ ⠀ This month we re looking forward to adding Stick Class back to schedule! Catch every Thursday night(beginning Nov 8th) at 6:30pm for a fun 45minute burn perfect to heat up these cooler nights. ⠀:

    #183, @forme.nantucket, 2018.11.01, ♥ 76

  • So beautiful and hard working, a real super mama! Three weeks Just started working out last week and it feels good to be sweating again I ve been able to get my workouts in at home with the help of they offer workouts throughout pregnancy AND postpartum! Mainly focused on eating healthy plant foods, getting plenty of calories to maintain my milk supply, and taking advantage of this time off to bond with my babies The most important advice I can give to mamas returning to working out is to listen to your body and to resume your regular workout at your own pace. It s a marathon not a race!

    #184, @pregnantandfitapp, 2018.02.16, ♥ 75

  • Give in and the magic will appear

    #185, @christinalaurenwill, 2018.02.01, ♥ 75

  • doing my new fav barre class! My instructor motivated us by talking about the whole class. It worked.

    #186, @stephanieleakey, 2018.03.21, ♥ 75

  • Miss fitness extraordinaire will be whipping our booties into shape next week! We are stoked!

    #187, @stilettoettes, 2018.02.21, ♥ 74

  • You guys! I made-up a recipe and it just went up on my blog!(Go check it out link in my bio!) Now YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE if you have a kid who wants pizza more than veggies!(Ssshhhh. sometimes I want pizza more than veggies too!) But I found a way that had my kid eating his entire plate and part of mine. PIZZA PEPPERS! AS ALWAYS these are parent friendly meals: quick, easy, nourishing, with easy cleanup! Yo welcome! Tell me what you think when you make them please!

    #188, @liveitwellnutrition, 2018.01.31, ♥ 73

  • and going for a double shift of barre& yoga I m flying out on holidays today and love getting a workout in before being stuck on a plane for a long time. When I had bad flareups, they d leave me lethargic&the opposite of fun. Even moving from the sofa to the bed seemed too much of an effort. I kept thinking that this is just me, you know slothing it out. SPOILER ALERT: It is not! Deep down I knew that but if your gut fogs your brain there is little you can do. So byebye to sloth times(even though they are the cutest!). But now: off to the airport

    #189, @sukiseasons, 2018.06.02, ♥ 72

  • inhale. exhale. repeat.

    #190, @gomommy_go, 2018.02.13, ♥ 71

  • Taking class.

    #191, @cillaballet, 2018.03.31, ♥ 70

  • A.t.T.i.T.u.D.e

    #192, @silviapalomo, 2018.05.26, ♥ 70

  • Perseverance/ You re in the home stretch! Friday just called. She ll be here tomorrow and she s bringing the wine! Alright, I know, I know that was terrible but it made me laugh. And sometimes that s all we need to carry on. Hopefully, you smiled a bit. Feel free to tonight if needed. I fully support that! On another note. As many of you know, the owners of Pop Physique have decided to close the 3rd and Fairfax location. The last day for classes will be tomorrow. This means I will not get to say a proper goodbye to any of you. This is sad for me because I ve been teaching at that location for 4 years and have grown to love each and every one of you. When I heard about the closure sadness filled my heart because something special to me was ending. However, I ve come to realize that when one door closes it does so for a reason. In my experience, a door closing, paves the way for another door to open. So often we block change, when in reality, the thing that is changing is bringing us closer to the goal. Okay This is not the end my time with Pop. I will still be around to sub classes at Larchmont. And you can always find me at Cycle House or Equinox. So many amazing things are happening and I hope you ll stay with me on this journey. Check out and stay up date in all things nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle by signing up for the newsletter. Love to you all!-

    #193, @carterhall_lifestyle, 2018.02.09, ♥ 69

  • Digging deep inside and out. StreX stretching classes. Sign up for Thursday s 9:45 am with Ali or the 7 pm candlelit class with Jeanne. Otherwise- join us at 10:15 on Saturday or 9:45 am Tuesday.

    #194, @xbarrenj, 2018.03.29, ♥ 69

  • It s been almost a week since we opened the doors to our Fitness studio downstairs and everything is coming together amazingly! If you haven t had a tour yet take a look PART 1 of 2(see the next post)*Don t forget to book your FREE trial class this week ONLY. See our page for the timetable and details to book(essential)

    #195, @mojo_boxing_and_fitness, 2018.04.13, ♥ 69

  • Monday Let s Get It Double tap if you re all about those early morning workouts. Not about those AM workouts You can double tap too, and we ll see you tonight

    #196, @formpilatesandbarre, 2018.09.09, ♥ 69

  • !.mexico

    #197, @f3ris, 2018.09.06, ♥ 69

  • Been drinking and eating way too much during the holidays, so I am hitting the gym and yesterday I had a great class at! So much fun. I love a good gym selfie.

    #198, @dillon_greenberg, 2017.12.06, ♥ 68

  • is bACK! Hoping she brought back some Califorina sunshine. she s teaching Tuesday 6:30pm Adult Beginner Ballet! P.S. We re bringing Stick Class back! Thursday nights 6:30-7:15pm for the perfect 45 minute burn!:

    #199, @forme.nantucket, 2018.11.05, ♥ 67

  • Aren t they beautiful

    #200, @marta.banaszak.photos, 2017.12.05, ♥ 66

  • Baby love Such a dream to see the babies grow up. Kelly and I were weeks apart during pregnancy and now we have 6 month olds( wow) thank you to Tiffany for the epic welcome back Taryn workout my body will be feeling this tomorrow.

    #201, @wanderluxe_yoga, 2018.02.20, ♥ 66

  • Oh my.has it been a whole week I have been docked, if you will, recharging my energy levels so I can be the example I preach about self care mamahood and holistic health.And sometimes that means taking a time-out! My energy was zapped like sleeping in, napping with Diego, AND falling asleep early kinda zapped! Outside of adventuring with my son, caring for our dogs, or cooking healthy meals, I had no more juice to pour outta this mama cup!(Truth: I did sometimes have husband assistance for cooking or my favourite Indian Dahl delivery heehee!) Taking time to recharge and care for yourself can be an enriching and cleansing experience. I have compiled loads of ideas that I m inspired to start, and I ve gotten clarity on where I WANT to point my efforts. LET YOUR INSPIRATION BE YOUR GUIDE! Tell me, what does unplugging and recharging look like for you Epson baths reading in bed evening walks

    #202, @liveitwellnutrition, 2018.02.09, ♥ 65

  • Success doesn t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently. Consistency is key. Practice is necessary. And steadfastness is the goal. And wearing sparkly mermaid pants on a Tuesday is always required! No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening- it s painful! But afterward there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way. Hebrews 12:11 Song in background: What About Us Remix Pants: Tank:.

    #203, @steadfast.fit, 2018.02.06, ♥ 65

  • Last sunset

    #204, @lozioale23, 2016.12.11, ♥ 65

  • This one is for my essential oil living peeps! The Swiss knife of tools for essential oil bottles. Totes takes the frustration out of opening and closing roller bottles and swapping the orifices of your 5 and 15ml bottles No need to break a nail or risk cutting yourself anymore Just 1 or free with any online accessory purchase for the next two weeks Ps. Who is loving the dōTERRA BOGOs this week I ve snaffled up*quite* a few

    #205, @coconutmybody, 2018.02.23, ♥ 65

  • Omg! This recipe just went up on the LIWN blog and it s super easy, quick, and with nearly no cleanup! Plus it has a great amount of pumpkin seeds which are high in DHEA your stress hormone that promotes anti-aging DHEA helps control stress, maintain mineral balance, improves memory, combats depression, AND controls the production of SEX HORMONES! Whaaaaat Did you know that your levels of DHEA start to decline after age 20! so, by sex hormones I could mean sex drive but also the hormones that contribute to our sexy plump appearance! Why plump up your lips, highlight your brow bone, or add a shine spray to your hair, gals, when you could get your DHEA on with these Vegan Sunburgeeerrrrrss! link to website in bio

    #206, @liveitwellnutrition, 2018.01.28, ♥ 64

  • TOO EXCITED ABOUT BATH TIME And no, I m not talking about the kids bath time. I m talking about YOU getting in the bath, when the kids are asleep, when you can either bliss out to the sounds of silence or listen to a meditation like I do, and soak for as long as you like with the most beautiful bath soak from I don t get to do it often, and I m sure you don t either is hectic! I try for once a week. maybe each fortnight. I m super, super excited that we will have these beautiful soaks on our shelves within days I want more mums making time for themselves to do fuck all and finally relax. How often do you get to take a bath to chill

    #207, @yummymummydayspasydney, 2018.01.20, ♥ 64

  • 10 minutes is all it takes to feel fine! This weeks workout will TONE your arms and challenge your BALANCE! We work so hard balancing our lives with work and play, but sometimes we forget to challenge our physical balance! As we get older we need to practise our physical balance so we can continue to enjoy the things we love to do. Hit the link in my bio and give it a go today

    #208, @sofiejaynefitness, 2018.03.01, ♥ 64

  • Leslieville early morning barre3 My happy place. Surrounded by strong women. Working out and supporting each other. Today s burn brought to you by reverse seated chair in narrow athletic Vee. Heels squeezing together, lifted off the ground and sinking low.

    #209, @kattiesmilovsky, 2018.04.25, ♥ 64

  • What have i been doin Minding my business and hittin my fitness

    #210, @aliciakimz, 2018.01.30, ♥ 63

  • Two classes at barre3 today- one in Leslieville and one on King St. A long and wonderful day. The hustle of this freelance lifestyle is real. Three jobs in one day. Learning so much all the time. Feeling like I am not grounded. But loving every minute of it. Barre3 was the catalyst. I discovered what it meant to love my job, to be supported by my coworkers and to give back to others in a meaningful way.

    #211, @kattiesmilovsky, 2018.04.24, ♥ 63

  • Hey Marseille get ready! is now part of the Pilates Fusion Gang and it is going to be even hotter soon! Maryam is a certified trainer, choregrapher, afro dance teacher, Rythmic Gymnastics champ and creator of! Demanding, inspiring and always listening meet Maryam and her fire energy at her.fusion classes in Marseille:- Mondays 12h30(73, La Canebière)- Tuesdays 12h30 for Constructa Docks Village Portant 26 Marseille, le Pilates Fusion débarque et il va faire chaud! C est qui rejoins le gang et qui va faire monter la température d un cran! Maryam est coach sportif diplômée, chorégraphe, professeur de danse afro, ancienne championne de France de gymnastique rythmique et créatrice du concept Afrovibe(). Exigeante, motivante et toujours à l écoute retrouvez son énergie de feu dans ses cours de Pilates Fusion à Marseille:- Les lundis 12h30- 13h30 73 La Canebière- Mardis pour les salariés Constructa 12h30-13h30 Docks Village Portant 26

    #212, @pilates.fusion, 2018.06.28, ♥ 63

  • Reverse That Slouch All time favourite chest stretches using the foam roller. Can you keep your arms connected to the floor A good test to see how tight you might be through the pec muscles. We use 1.5kg hand weights to increase the stretch, can be done without as shown at the end(Video has been sped up, take your time) www.formpilates.com.au

    #213, @formpilatesandbarre, 2018.09.11, ♥ 63

  • Sunday Truth Look forward to seeing your lovely faces tomorrow! www.formpilates.com.au

    #214, @formpilatesandbarre, 2018.09.09, ♥ 63

  • What classes should we go to this week to get our on

    #215, @guavapassth, 2018.03.19, ♥ 62

  • First play and photo. Completely in LOVE with my new babies and the studio! It may just be a pop up! I tell you what though, it feels warm, inviting, and looks gorgeous! You re all going to fall in love with it too!. Join me from TOMORROW(O.M.G)! We ve got Powerhouse Barre, Power HIIT, Reformer Pilates, Power Flow, Yoga Flow and Yin Yoga we ve got something for everyone!. Incredibly excited peeps!

    #216, @jaydedoody, 2018.08.26, ♥ 62

  • Aaaaaaaaaaa ALMOST READY TO POP Double tap follow me

    #217, @corvo120, 2018.01.22, ♥ 61

  • Waiting for Róża.

    #218, @marta.banaszak.photos, 2018.01.21, ♥ 61

  • These girls nailed my Barre class

    #219, @alice.loves.yoga, 2018.02.13, ♥ 61

  • Whew, I just finished an intense workout out session, and I m ravenous. I m going for the potato chips cooked in avocado oil!/ I m laughing because this is totally me! Even as a nutrition professional, I have my weak moments. You know how many times I hear the justification for eating like this post workout for all of you regularly. However, normally chips are replaced by red wine or spicy margarita- mmHmm, ya ll know who I m talking to! Well, luckily I love you all so much that I have read and summarized the International Society of Sports Nutrition on nutrient timing and composition. The post is going live tomorrow at 3 pm in Sweat Sculpt. Until then, put down the pint of ice cream and refuel with a meal or snack comprised of healthy carbohydrates and protein. My go-to snack. apple slices, sliced white cheddar and unsalted almonds.- For all things fitness, nutrition, and wellness check out Carter Hall Lifestyle(link in profile)& on, and twitter. Don t forget to sign up for the monthly newsletter which rolls out on March 1st!-

    #220, @carterhall_lifestyle, 2018.02.21, ♥ 61

  • Weekend Barre Still spaces in both 9:10am and 10:10am Barre classes Start kicking your goals tomorrow, don t wait for next week BOOK NOW www.formpilates.com.au

    #221, @formpilatesandbarre, 2018.09.07, ♥ 61

  • We hope you are as excited as we are for the launch of our NEW classes TOMORROW! ALL classes will be free for next week only! Booking is essential as space is limited. Please email info.co.za or phone/ WhatsApp 0793551424 book your spot!*One free session, per class, per person SEE YOU THERE!*Upstairs group boxing classes remain unchanged*

    #222, @mojo_boxing_and_fitness, 2018.04.08, ♥ 60

  • Barre time Lights off.company. night night

    #223, @silviapalomo, 2018.04.24, ♥ 60

  • One week till I can call you or

    #224, @ladyhoot, 2018.02.13, ♥ 59

  • .F.r.I.d.A.y.!.

    #225, @silviapalomo, 2018.06.15, ♥ 59

  • Okay 5 o clock commuters! Turn your podcast over tothe Sugar and Spikes Podcast by host: where you ll find loads of great episodes from two women with 4 master degrees between them and a helluvuh good time. I recently joined in as a guest speaker to talk about stress and the foods you can eat to manage it, but we got mostly tied up in other inspired nutrition topics which was awesome because, hey, sometimes the best conversations happen in the heat of the moment when you throw your plans out the window, right! And if they had burning questions, I m sure their listeners did too! Ask me your burning questions! but first head on over for 40 mins of life and nutrition talk between 3 women!

    #226, @liveitwellnutrition, 2018.02.10, ♥ 58

  • I played with some new before an amazing private today and 2 SUPER fun classes. I am so very grateful to do what I love and to be in the flow, taking one day at a time and breathing in each moment. It has taken every second up to this point to feel this balanced.I am soaking it all in cause I m still gonna get weird, it s normal but, right now, in this moment I am peace and light.

    #227, @mellaura, 2018.02.12, ♥ 58

  • What up Wednesday!/ Look back at it ya ll. Your week is almost over. Keep the hustle going and end the week stronger than you started. If you feel as though you are struggling a bit and it seems as if you will never reach your goals I have a little exercise for you to try tonight. No its not a physical one. I want you to write down 10 wins tonight. Write down 10 things that you accomplished this week. Those things can be as small as waking up on time or as big as shaving 30 seconds of your mile run. Think about it. You are achieving victories everyday and sometimes just acknowledging them will help drive you through your harder moments. Rounding out the week can be tough so use these 10 wins to push you through to the finish! You ve got this! And remember. You my friend are a Rockstar.- Head to for all things nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. Don t forget to sign up for the newsletter while your there to weekly updates and information on raffles and collaborations!-

    #228, @carterhall_lifestyle, 2018.02.08, ♥ 58

  • If I didn t post a pic on my way to for back to back in my circa 2009 vintage Israeli workout gear, would it even matter if I worked out

    #229, @dmastryyy, 2017.10.05, ♥ 58

  • Started off the weekend with a full class full heart on day 2 of our Pure Barre Olympic challene you all are on track for gold! And twinning at the barre always calls for a boomerang No weekend workout this weekend, but go to the link in my bio to sweat along with one of the previous weekend workouts! Subscribe via email to get your weekend workout sent to your inbox next Saturday.

    #230, @steadfast.fit, 2018.02.10, ♥ 57

  • Let s rock the Wednesday

    #231, @silviapalomo, 2018.05.30, ♥ 57

  • New post alert!/ If you haven t already checked it out, head to the site and click on The Living Room. It features all the things I m Living for!. get it Each month I ll feature products, brands and business who s mission is to bring health and wellness into this world. This month I m so proud to feature Everytable as I m absolutely so impressed by the execution of this concept. According to their site, Everytable aims to redefine the food landscape by selling nutritious, fresh, made-from-scratch food, at fast-food prices. Their stores are located in underserved communities so that they can bring deliciously nutritious food to communities who are desperately in need of healthy options. I love this! And they are crowdfunding, so get on their site ad donate to a good cause. For more amazing brands like this one, head to Carter Hall Lifestyle! Other featured brands include:. Oh, and don t forget to sign up for the newsletter. we will be giving one of these products away to one lucky reader!. Photo credit:

    #232, @carterhall_lifestyle, 2018.02.16, ♥ 55

  • Welcome FRIDAY! Hope everyone has an amazing day! Don t forget to get your workout in and you have so many chances to workout with ME! Today: 7:30 am Express Cycle 8:00 am Abs, Core and more 10:0 am Power Barre Saturday 8:30 am Power Hour Cycle-

    #233, @laraabe_fitness, 2018.04.20, ♥ 55

  • She s nock out Double tap follow me

    #234, @corvo120, 2018.01.27, ♥ 54

  • Bump envy right here Do you miss your bump or still have one I miss mine Beautiful of.sonny.days

    #235, @yummymummydayspasydney, 2018.02.01, ♥ 53

  • GIVEAWAY 1 full month of classes to one lucky winner. To enter: follow tag a friend in comments, ends 2/17, winner announced 2/18.

    #236, @elixiryourskin, 2018.02.14, ♥ 52

  • Did you start out on a Sportster What do you think makes Sportsters the most popular lines of Harley-Davidson motorcycles out there Join the discussion in the comments below!

    #237, @wilkinshd, 2018.03.21, ♥ 52

  • In Love with the Chair by.company

    #238, @jana_fitnesslifestyle, 2018.06.27, ♥ 52

  • Pork chop s glazed with pineapple juice,honey, minced cilantro, and lime; White rice and snap peas, with a home made cilantro, pineapple, shallot salsa

    #239, @wyatt_prentiss69, 2017.05.24, ♥ 51

  • classes taught And that s a wrap on this day. I m officially exhausted and falling asleep on the Floor sounds kind of amazing right now. But first food and a glass of wine and THEN this tired mama is off to catch some! Hump day is almost over, y all! Good night!-

    #240, @laraabe_fitness, 2018.04.19, ♥ 51

  • Come join us at our Screw Winter Party on Saturday March 24th! It s going to be a good time!

    #241, @wilkinshd, 2018.03.20, ♥ 50

  • Warming up my feet in my Grishko 2007 s.

    #242, @cillaballet, 2018.04.02, ♥ 50

  • If the music isn t good, I don t want it Miss you

    #243, @theequilibriumedit, 2018.02.23, ♥ 50

  • www.formpilates.com.au

    #244, @formpilatesandbarre, 2018.09.11, ♥ 50

  • Back at it after a week of being sick. And today s class goal was to not have a coughing fit while teaching. And guess what! Mission accomplished! So glad to be back on my feet and back where my heart is happy!

    #245, @kattiesmilovsky, 2018.04.16, ♥ 49

  • Rainy days at home with kids dreaming of a place like this. Strange Garden by J. Mehoffer

    #246, @wellingtonfactory, 2018.02.03, ♥ 48

  • Who will be riding a Fat Bob this season

    #247, @wilkinshd, 2018.03.22, ♥ 48

  • With the studio doors wide open and surrounded by the freshness of spring air- it doesn t get much better. You vs. You every day. Book a barre or StreX class today.

    #248, @xbarrenj, 2018.04.16, ♥ 48

  • Boy or girl pastry

    #249, @la_zina_cakes, 2018.02.01, ♥ 47

  • The rhythmic pounding of rain on XBarre s slate roof yesterday was so inspiring- we turned off the music and pulsed to it s  invigorating beat.  Perfect example of natural beauty inside and out- the XBarre experience.  Sign up today.

    #250, @xbarrenj, 2018.01.24, ♥ 47

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