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Top publications

  • Hope cannot be an ice cream without milk. It needs confidence based on continual preparation. The energy, freshness and completeness of preparation gives character and steel to hope. Prepare today to define meaningful deadlines for dreams. Master constructive hope today. Master freshness today.(Photo source: Shutterstock)

    #1, @go2words, 2018.02.04, ♥ 10580

  • HOW WE ARE SHEEP! How does the government control its population The same way it always has: divide and conquer. It pins one group against the other and lets them fight. Native-Americans against whites. Blacks against whites. Pro-choice against pro-life. Women against men. Liberals against conservatives. Straight against gay. The fighting is endorsed and encouraged by the power elite because it distracts their unjust or illegal methods of control, that if carefully examined and brought to light, would bring into question their very justification of authority. So stop wasting your money on expensive brands, becoming what the media says we should be, believing their manipulation tactics and become a wolf.

    #2, @noteworthy.gal, 2017.11.26, ♥ 10052

  • Do not be afraid to take a chance on peace, to teach peace, to live peace. Peace will be the last word of history. John Paul II

    #3, @croatia_dreaming, 2017.11.11, ♥ 3024

  • Bye Holland flying to London for a couple of days! Pic by in

    #4, @valerievdgraaf, 2018.04.12, ♥ 1175

  • Reed beds at Boyton.

    #5, @andrewgwhinney, 2018.01.20, ♥ 1000

  • A misty morning. photography

    #6, @andrewgwhinney, 2018.01.24, ♥ 941

  • Sheep grazing at sunset.

    #7, @andrewgwhinney, 2018.02.06, ♥ 858

  • Ending my evening watching the sunset at Loweswater was so entrancing. There s something magical about being outdoors and shaking off thoughts of work and domestic life and letting the landscape take you in and fill you with thoughts of happiness, peace and joy. Enjoy your weekend people.

    #8, @lakedistrict_explorer, 2017.10.07, ♥ 827

  • Portrait of old women on the road in Ha Giang ‎‎‎‎

    #9, @jul_krew, 2018.04.20, ♥ 808

  • Country lines.

    #10, @andrewgwhinney, 2018.02.08, ♥ 790

  • I could look at this view all day. Country all day every day.

    #11, @lakedistrict_explorer, 2017.08.16, ♥ 744

  • Sharing the sunset at Burrow Mump with. and our new friends. The distinctive hill rises 24m with on top the ruined 18th century church of St Michael

    #12, @rom1_fruk, 2018.03.01, ♥ 647

  • Only the self-sufficient stand alone- most people follow the crowd and imitate Bruce Lee.

    #13, @heikeulrichfotowork, 2017.09.06, ♥ 593

  • Spring is in the air.-

    #14, @_r.o.s.s.i_y, 2018.06.10, ♥ 570

  • Nothing could have made this more beautiful./

    #15, @kathryn.abel, 2018.02.23, ♥ 497

  • all that beauty right in front of our door

    #16, @jule_winz, 2017.10.25, ♥ 467

  • Calm after the storm Sunshine after the snow Welcome little crocus

    #17, @rom1_fruk, 2018.03.06, ♥ 434

  • And did those feet in ancient time Walk upon England s mountains green And was the holy lamb of god On England s pleasant pastures seen William Blake

    #18, @sam.willcox, 2018.01.17, ♥ 395

  • The Gang.

    #19, @keithmh2016, 2018.02.12, ♥ 395

  • A team of scientists has proposed an experiment it believes could answer a long-standing question: is gravity quantum Quantum mechanics is the theory that accounts for the behaviour of fundamental particles and basic microscopic systems. However, there is no empirical evidence to suggest that gravity which is currently only explained by classical physical laws might behave in a quantum manner. In the proposed experiment, two microscopic masses would be observed freefalling on adjacent paths a fraction of a millimetre apart. The masses are made to interact gravitationally with each other as they fall through a series of magnetic fields, in an environment free of any other influences. Any entanglement observed between the masses each of which will follow both paths simultaneously during its fall would confirm the quantum nature of gravity. If scientists can use an experiment like this to show without any ambiguity that gravity possesses a quantum nature, it would offer a thrilling challenge to the laws of physics and open up whole new avenues for physicists to explore.

    #20, @pioneeringscience, 2017.12.29, ♥ 386

  • In Glenorchy near Paradise(and yes paradise is the actual name of the place).

    #21, @jadeartus, 2016.12.02, ♥ 382

  • This dude was starring at me the hole time. so cute tho-

    #22, @squaloft, 2018.02.05, ♥ 341

  • Would probably make quite a tricky jigsaw.

    #23, @keithmh2016, 2018.02.02, ♥ 332

  • P P C R N

    #24, @manue_p2, 2018.02.03, ♥ 331

  • Grey and silent, this is January.

    #25, @erikarpi, 2018.01.08, ♥ 331

  • 32 degrees(that s nearly 100F) when we left the farm today. I didn t envy the shearers we saw working under a tin roof a few miles along the road(swipe left). Pleased my brother s sheep had been shorn.

    #26, @fiona_cameron, 2018.02.12, ♥ 317

  • Yes, I did spend about nine months in South Africa Yes, I travelled a lot in this time Yes, I saw South Africa s most famous sights But there s still so much more to see, I love the nature of this country and I could even look at these pictures of just landscapes for hours and hours. Private account: ole.winkler

    #27, @the_next_thought, 2018.05.22, ♥ 313

  • Colonial Longwool Sheep-

    #28, @rmorrisonphoto, 2018.02.12, ♥ 308

  • 1st Spring walk at Bishopstrow and met these beautiful daffodils on the footpath to the river Wylye

    #29, @rom1_fruk, 2018.03.27, ♥ 304

  • A couple of days before we took the pigs I went out with my camera to get a final few snaps of them snuffling around. As I walked across the orchard, this little sheep caught my eye as it trotted across the field. It just looked so majestic, basking in the glow of the gentle afternoon sun. We should all remember to bask in the sun, and take in little moments of glorious calm. I need to get better at stopping to absorb everything I achieve, rather than constantly just moving onto the next goal. Goals are only good if you can bask in the glory of the achievement! So my aim for the week is to be like this little sheep, taking the time for the little moments of gloriousness, regardless of how small they are!

    #30, @piglet2plate, 2018.02.08, ♥ 293

  • Look in early spring in my home village

    #31, @zupevcmitja, 2018.04.08, ♥ 289

  • Snow sheep

    #32, @a_streetphoto, 2017.12.02, ♥ 286

  • Through the fields of Manitoba

    #33, @zafar_javed, 2018.04.19, ♥ 286

  • Saved from slaughter as a young lamb, Honey was brought to.manor to live his life knowing love, peace and freedom. The first animal that would come to most people s mind when they think of a slaughterhouse would most likely not be a sheep. Sheep are raised for both wool, and meat. And the sheep raised for wool, almost always end up at the slaughterhouse when they are no longer of use. It s hard for me to imagine that the human-farm animal disconnect is so huge, that someone could look at a lamb and see dinner, rather than a baby who wants to play and live his life.

    #34, @the_sanctuary_project, 2018.02.01, ♥ 285

  • January scenes

    #35, @devilinthewoods_, 2018.01.23, ♥ 272

  • Sheep in the mist

    #36, @leonligthart, 2017.12.23, ♥ 272

  • Don t lose a diamond while chasing for glitter xoxo

    #37, @neverwithoutacamera, 2017.08.11, ♥ 272

  • Rock Concert.

    #38, @shahaf_ben_abu, 2018.02.13, ♥ 271

  • field of view.

    #39, @shahaf_ben_abu, 2018.02.10, ♥ 271

  • How s to over the Probably something like that! These is a of in, Siamo nel pieno cuore delle Marche dove regnano la natura e le coltivazioni con le loro geometrie. Quando le prospettive cambiano le sensazioni si amplificano.

    #40, @gabbozzo, 2017.11.04, ♥ 266

  • That last glimpse of summer.you can see blankets of sunflowers and cosmos

    #41, @irinak0909, 2017.10.08, ♥ 265

  • do you remember days on which everything just felt right, easy, light days filled with inner peace and bliss, and you somehow don t think about happiness or gratitude at all. you ARE happy. you ARE grateful. it is a feeling instead of a thought.

    #42, @annaviridis, 2017.12.02, ♥ 264

  • Hi, this is my island life

    #43, @malivasverden, 2018.01.21, ♥ 261

  • It is Flower Power season again!.

    #44, @carmen.akkermans, 2018.04.21, ♥ 252

  • Last summer.(Right now it s snowing outside and I should be preparing myself for winter holidays.;). from.

    #45, @dawnwoodland, 2018.02.12, ♥ 248

  • TRAFFIC JAM Just to give you an idea where we are right now. Near our romantic old holiday home at the coast of the Baltic Sea and near the Danish border the roads are narrow and the sheep in a good shape. It s just a matter of having respect for one another. Then every road is ok even if it s a small one.

    #46, @detlefkuehn, 2017.12.31, ♥ 247

  • Endless road

    #47, @miihaaw, 2014.10.14, ♥ 247

  • Another picture of Bishopstrow village, along the river Wylye.

    #48, @rom1_fruk, 2018.03.29, ♥ 237

  • Everyday above ground is a great day, remember God gave it to you! bros 4life.wood1

    #49, @colton_freeman_32, 2017.11.16, ♥ 232

  • 1st of the month 2018 let s enjoy this year and the days to come and again happy new year to all of you my love ones out there

    #50, @humtaj.sekhon, 2018.01.01, ♥ 227

  • Singing psalms of our victory in Jesus!(but not in Kappa Kickball)

    #51, @jaclynlryan, 2018.02.24, ♥ 227

  • A different view of May Hill. The Gloucestershire countryside.

    #52, @richard.geary60, 2017.11.17, ♥ 226

  • These are some cute sheep who probably get to enjoy the nicest views in Scotland daily. This was taken on the hike up to the Old Man of Storr. This country has so much beauty everywhere you look Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

    #53, @annas_captures, 2018.02.04, ♥ 224

  • HOME had one of those amazing moments yesterday when I felt like there was no where in the world I d rather be

    #54, @joannashimwell, 2018.02.08, ♥ 221

  • Sheep sheltering from the snow a few weeks ago.

    #55, @yorkshire_womble, 2018.02.09, ♥ 215

  • Peeping through the nature s window. This pic reminds me of life of a hardworking farmer. Peeping through the nature s window I saw how much effort a small farmer puts in order to feed us. To a farmer dirt is not waste, its his wealth. I had an emotional moment while capturing this shot.

    #56, @sai_ravali_g, 2018.01.19, ♥ 214

  • Fiery skies!.

    #57, @helly_n7, 2018.04.11, ♥ 208

  • That smile says it all.

    #58, @the_sanctuary_project, 2018.02.10, ♥ 200

  • Soma.

    #59, @ausfluegler, 2018.01.07, ♥ 197

  • . My moments of clarity, Are as rare as, My ventures into reality.

    #60, @helen_littlenelly, 2018.02.03, ♥ 196

  • Sneak peek of one of the New cult sets I ll have ready for this weekend. snow or not I m there, are you

    #61, @jenna_manson, 2018.03.21, ♥ 196

  • Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow. PC:.

    #62, @jilin_george_jacob, 2018.02.13, ♥ 193

  • hikingtrail upwards.

    #63, @ronnybehr, 2017.08.31, ♥ 193

  • Exactly how all sheep should live. Taken last Autumn at such a peaceful, wonderful place. Dreaming of Spring for our next visit.

    #64, @the_sanctuary_project, 2018.02.05, ♥ 192

  • Creating some mood. Model Sorry to all my followers, but this aint a sexy, it was just a normal shoot and it was meant to be a serious face. But will upload a sexy pic tomorrow. Instagram

    #65, @nadiawhiteswan, 2018.03.09, ♥ 192

  • I took the picture at time this sky is up our grapes field in awesome cloudy day, 19 march, last Sunday Amazing clouds

    #66, @yahiajackbrown, 2017.04.03, ♥ 187

  • Everything you heard about NZ is true. We have many many sheep, even in the middle of the biggest city.

    #67, @abigailhannah.nz, 2018.02.17, ♥ 186

  • happy easter.

    #68, @cattstyles, 2018.04.01, ♥ 186

  • The beautiful rice terraces of Ubud

    #69, @shell1588, 2018.01.12, ♥ 179

  • Autumn, dear autumn

    #70, @lunaciesla, 2017.11.30, ♥ 177

  • sweet life continues in the breeze, in the golden fields

    #71, @agnes_worek, 2018.03.09, ♥ 176

  • Fields of Gold.

    #72, @laura_zampetti, 2018.06.04, ♥ 173

  • do from the uit het Wild flowers from the fields around Casa Azimute, spring is so beautiful here. Traditional pottery from Alentejo, with a modern design www.casa-azimute.pt

    #73, @casa_azimute, 2018.04.06, ♥ 170

  • Just a random tree in a random field on a random day.

    #74, @crickedshotz, 2018.02.04, ♥ 167

  • Just a of a somewhere in the of Northern Germany. Follow me for more drone content!

    #75, @lr_dronephotos, 2018.03.27, ♥ 162

  • Such a powerful moment. Silence on this top. Just the breeze of the wind, the sheep and me. 5 seconds eye contact before it ran away. One of my favs.

    #76, @juca.t0, 2018.02.01, ♥ 156

  • In the fields By

    #77, @laurarenders, 2017.12.04, ♥ 152

  • Rentouttavaa viikonloppua Relaxing weekend.

    #78, @villa.jussila, 2018.02.09, ♥ 150

  • The more we ask, the more we learn. We visited a ranch in Prineville with some brand new babies. There s a lot to learn but so much to look forward to.

    #79, @karenpercelle, 2017.12.31, ♥ 150

  • Foggy road.

    #80, @kamilaannamaria, 2018.04.02, ♥ 150

  • Eweee, that smell.can t you smell that smell

    #81, @montanaimages, 2017.11.05, ♥ 146

  • Row and order, stay in line!- no words, just lines!-

    #82, @my_second_thought, 2018.02.03, ♥ 145

  • Sometimes you have to stop and think.

    #83, @octobenhaut_69, 2017.07.13, ♥ 144

  • Gonna name her Roki She was born this morning and mama sheep wasn t tending to her. So I took her back inside to warm up and dry off. I tried feeding her milk but she wasn t sucking the nipple. I may need to sit down and babysit her for awhile and fatten her up before taking her back to the corral and see if mama will take her back.

    #84, @monetvalley, 2018.01.24, ♥ 141

  • Portrait of a sheep.

    #85, @bjoernkraemer42, 2018.01.06, ♥ 141

  • Fill your soul with light The weather has been awesome these past few days. Excited for more sunset pictures

    #86, @chapmansami, 2018.02.07, ♥ 141

  • get lost in nature and youll find yourself.

    #87, @audzfit, 2018.01.24, ♥ 139

  • Icy field.

    #88, @zahava33, 2018.01.22, ♥ 134

  • F O O T P R I N T. A walk through the dunes. Step by step, I feel the soft sand under my feet.&-&

    #89, @katharinafreymuth, 2018.01.11, ♥ 134

  • However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While there s life, there is hope.

    #90, @sgeo_photography, 2018.03.14, ♥ 133

  • Country friends at Baglio Occhipinti, thank you for the amazing Ricotta cheese! Enjoy with us, book your last minutes escape on March!

    #91, @baglio_occhipinti_resort, 2018.03.04, ♥ 132

  • Check out this cutie the coat is so incredibly soft

    #92, @pneruda1, 2018.01.29, ♥ 131

  • Girls

    #93, @villa.jussila, 2018.01.27, ♥ 130

  • Big Horn sheep selfie. Badlands NP, SD.

    #94, @jpturner, 2016.07.06, ♥ 130

  • The shepherd

    #95, @luigicasetta, 2018.01.18, ♥ 129

  • Snow, then flood!

    #96, @johnisland1, 2018.02.11, ♥ 127

  • Clara thinks there must be more than this provincial life.

    #97, @carolyncargile, 2017.05.31, ♥ 125

  • Fence posts in the snow.

    #98, @authorellesimms, 2018.02.05, ♥ 124

  • Diamond Valley lake view.

    #99, @charles_stevens__1, 2018.02.24, ♥ 123

  • A few videos of some feeding of the animals. We stopped milking the goats to let them get ready for birth, in a couple of months.also the sheep will also be giving birth, hope to God. Then when done with the feeding, just in time to take the blueberry bread out of the oven.

    #100, @homesteadinnh, 2018.01.17, ♥ 122

  • - the man who has begun to live more seriously within, begins to live more simply without.

    #101, @william_francis, 2018.03.24, ♥ 119

  • Those were the days

    #102, @freefaline, 2017.12.09, ♥ 118

  • Void salts.

    #103, @seeds_one, 2018.04.21, ♥ 116

  • Good morning. Storm outside I wish you all a warm and cosy Sunday.

    #104, @manon_haakenpen, 2018.02.11, ♥ 115

  • Country Sunday Sicilian sun is the top, stay with us at Baglio Occhipinti Resort

    #105, @baglio_occhipinti_resort, 2018.03.11, ♥ 115

  • Shawn the sheep

    #106, @meleepics, 2018.02.08, ♥ 114

  • A delightful weekend spent with old friends and making new ones in Kent with, thanks for having us.

    #107, @pat_mcnulty, 2018.03.18, ♥ 114

  • My girl

    #108, @tanishalisaromy, 2018.04.17, ♥ 113

  • I may post a field, but not the crazy smells of anise and eucalyptus, not the rustle of wind in drying herbs, not the songs of canaries. Summer.

    #109, @maria_mokarran, 2018.06.06, ♥ 112

  • Dall Sheep(Ovis Dalli).

    #110, @wild.natural, 2018.02.05, ♥ 109

  • vans and flowers Blur blur

    #111, @nancyofficial_, 2018.04.07, ♥ 107

  • The Catcher in the Rye: Smooth morning run about 12km through the Fields of Gold. Happy.

    #112, @seifenpopo, 2018.06.20, ♥ 106

  • Here comes the pup! 11 month old Tara trains, with Caleb, with our sheep, nice quiet job on a cold day.

    #113, @wildgoosechasene, 2018.01.01, ♥ 105

  • Green cloudy mood.

    #114, @neribuh, 2018.05.15, ♥ 102

  • Sheep country Bééééééé.

    #115, @_a_break, 2018.02.11, ♥ 100

  • Run baby run

    #116, @elenaasiam, 2018.05.25, ♥ 99

  • Here s looking at ewe. Ewe Lamb, Mary-Alice says hi to Caleb before she has her hooves checked out. Check out the other two relationship pics here.

    #117, @wildgoosechasene, 2018.01.14, ♥ 97

  • Up on the roof.

    #118, @j_ametller, 2018.02.01, ♥ 97

  • RIcefields Bali

    #119, @emirsergopcontemporary, 2018.02.06, ♥ 97

  • Summer.

    #120, @my_peaceful_moments, 2017.07.09, ♥ 96

  • 8,00 km in 44:34 min(10,8 km/h; 5:34 min/km, 2:26 min faster than the last 8 km run). Finally after having a cold for five days I returned to the road again! The weather today was confusing, but I enjoy unpredictable stormy weather conditions as they add positive tension to the run and drive me to better keep going and not stop, because who knows what comes next. less than two weeks till the Half-marathon next week deserved tapering week!

    #121, @schai.maa_hijab_run, 2018.06.21, ♥ 96

  • Tramonto commovente.

    #122, @dani_wildhair, 2018.06.04, ♥ 95

  • This is what RAIN DANCE is about- you guys sharing your memories of life in the country& the shed. We are obsessed with these pics shared with us. The red dirt road pic was taken near Wilcannia on the way to a shearing shed- he reckons only one dead tree was sited enroute. Epic

    #123, @rural.room, 2018.02.13, ♥ 93

  • Batad Rice Terrace, Philippines These amazing rice terraces are estimated to be over 2000 years old!.the.drones.destination.pictures

    #124, @cakersfish, 2018.03.24, ♥ 93

  • Sunset last night in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

    #125, @martymcc13, 2017.06.29, ♥ 92

  • Winter-Spring-Winter.

    #126, @jvalldaura, 2018.03.20, ♥ 91

  • Near the river

    #127, @estherbeatriks, 2018.02.13, ♥ 90

  • Razgrad Deliorman forests. Razgrad Deliorman.

    #128, @emreozanacar, 2018.05.05, ♥ 90

  • . GREAT TRAINING DAY( Rhodium x Ufarno)

    #129, @jlstar85, 2018.04.08, ♥ 89

  • Stoked with The Netherlands in bloom! It s crazy to think that the Dutch love affair with flowers began when flowers were used to keep bad smells at bay.

    #130, @aondequerchegar, 2018.05.17, ♥ 89

  • Home

    #131, @ldave85, 2018.05.17, ♥ 88

  • Good night Dobrou

    #132, @annamart1313, 2018.02.13, ♥ 87

  • Natural beauty.

    #133, @welove_you_miley, 2018.02.09, ♥ 87

  • Morning run-1 and a beautiful sunrise

    #134, @heluna64, 2018.03.21, ♥ 86

  • It s hoof trimming day! While the will stand and let you lift their feet, the take things better sitting down! Merlin here still fits on a lap. 200 lb Porkie did not.

    #135, @white_oak_farmlife, 2018.03.04, ♥ 86

  • Contemplatio

    #136, @dnizwyczajne, 2018.04.10, ♥ 85

  • be happy be free be you

    #137, @my_own_little_world7, 2018.03.15, ♥ 84

  • Love the colours of the great outdoors in oz- natures palette is unbeatable. Blue hues of the sky and Stirling Range=

    #138, @rural.room, 2018.02.07, ♥ 83

  • A little walking story.some walks are just more interesting than others! over King Hussein Mosque

    #139, @oonagh_aengus_wheatens, 2018.04.10, ♥ 82

  • I ll just pretend like I m living that life right now.

    #140, @wanderthroughthepnw, 2018.04.14, ♥ 82

  • pre tapering week. 5 km slow run in a good company with last Saturday

    #141, @schai.maa_hijab_run, 2018.06.26, ♥ 82

  • I started taking painting lessons on Wednesday evenings, it s a 3-hour course in the cutest little studio and only few blocks from my place. I love it.

    #142, @sandraloutre, 2017.10.04, ♥ 81

  • Morning run

    #143, @its__just.me, 2017.11.27, ♥ 81

  • Say HI to my! One of the reasons I love my: we have sheep in the street! For weeks I have been woken every morning by the construction workers who are building the new neighbors house. After talking to their last week, the meeting is moved from under my bedroom window to the construction site. But on the same day, the farmer decided to put in the field in front of my door, so now every morning I wake up by the shouts of sheep.(Sounds like a good title for a horror movie) For now. Tomorrow I will have my first experience in an Escape Room en next week I can be Princess Belle again! Valentines day is coming up and I can t wait to hop ont the plain to Bosnia after that! Pics will;-)

    #144, @dcahooijmans, 2018.01.31, ♥ 80

  • My relatives bought me three baby chicks from a nearby village I felt bad for them crying out for their mother the first few days but the little guys adjusted and learnt to do everything on their own pretty quickly pecking and playing they d run so fast i could never catch them but the village kids always managed to somehow. I wonder how much they ve grown now almost a year later I could barely recognise them just after a few weeks of being in the city.

    #145, @taibaambrin, 2018.02.10, ♥ 80

  • The saddest thing about traveling is the fact that it will never be the same again. Of course it is like that every „normal day. But however, at home you always have the ability to „repeat or return things. When traveling, it will always be this one, special moment and it is uncertain when it s possible to return to a beloved place. That s why it s important to enjoy each of these moments as intensively as possible. and who knows. maybe this moment can mean an eternity.

    #146, @artefex, 2018.03.20, ♥ 80

  • 3x 1 km Intervals. Best pace achieved: 3:51 min/km in the last Interval, with a workout total of 6 km. I love running intervals, because they force me to leave my comfort zone and redefine my limits. Progress happens outside the comfort zone! You know it was a good exercise when you feel ten times like dying

    #147, @schai.maa_hijab_run, 2018.06.27, ♥ 80

  • Wheat fields and burnt fields in Basilicata- Italy

    #148, @carlocostaarchitetto, 2017.08.20, ♥ 78

  • Good advice.

    #149, @storytravel.ro, 2018.02.08, ♥ 78

  • Check out this big Horn with a pose and a smile. Caught this guy out grazing. He let me get pretty close but then I got too close. He was nervous I was nervous. We both ran in the opposite direction for about 15yds. We stopped turned around and stared at each other for a moment. Before he began to walk back to where we just were. Moments like these.

    #150, @joshuachestnut, 2017.12.19, ♥ 78

  • Remind me of Summer.

    #151, @ethereal_travels, 2018.01.07, ♥ 78

  • Noelle got some sheep today. Still getting to know each other, not to be trusted to stay together unsupervised. She s very excited but the sheep wish she didn t come on so strong!

    #152, @blondboysfarm, 2018.02.16, ♥ 78

  • If it s still in your mind, it s worth taking the risk.-

    #153, @mikeez.m, 2018.01.20, ♥ 78

  • „We are connected with every creature in this world, it s all energy and so we are. Mir bleiben, vorausgesetzt ich werde einmal 80 Jahre alt- noch ca 17155 Tage auf dieser Welt. Das klingt zwar kurz, aber ich habe die Möglichkeit noch so viele Erfahrungen zu machen, so viele Menschen zu treffen und so viele Möglichkeiten, die auf mich warten. Es lohnt sich also nicht, in unliebsamen Situationen zu bleiben, auch wenn das Ungewissheit fordert. In der neuen Podcastfolge spreche ich über den „Feind der Ungewissheit und warum es, gerade im Bezug auf die Arbeitswelt, wichtig ist, sich mit ihm anzufreunden link im tree auf meinem Profil

    #154, @annemarie_zander, 2018.01.23, ♥ 77

  • Walk in the woods with mans best friend

    #155, @callumtrain88, 2018.01.31, ♥ 77

  • Loves this we do! Pic by.

    #156, @ourwelshlife, 2018.02.02, ♥ 76

  • Throwback to the testflight of the GoPro Karma last year. Thanx for trying this

    #157, @hopenorway, 2018.02.11, ♥ 76

  • Found the beautiful nature during a nice run in the area around my what is the most beautiful side your home.de

    #158, @007_martin_s, 2017.06.11, ♥ 76

  • Every time I go over the hills when leaving the Bay area, I am mesmerized by the fields of windmills. I ve wanted a shot like this for years but never really had the time to stop. This weekend, I made time! Those clouds left me no choice

    #159, @wmcdanielsphotos, 2018.02.21, ♥ 76

  • There are for sure days I wish I could just put on workout clothes and be fit. But sadly it doesn t work that way So off to CF I go! But first-look at that GORGEOUS piece in the background

    #160, @jendmorgan, 2018.03.23, ♥ 75

  • Batad Rice Terrace, Philippines.the.drones

    #161, @cakersfish, 2018.03.24, ♥ 75

  • Sometimes magic happens when you plop down a couple of blue velvet vintage chairs then suddenly.the clouds open up just at the right moment! BTS with on this elegant boho shoot. Can t wait to see and share Kim s magical pics soon!

    #162, @kpi_vintage_weddings, 2018.02.10, ♥ 74

  • Quick stop at this field

    #163, @omairdxb, 2017.07.01, ♥ 74

  • Estate.

    #164, @zurcky, 2018.06.21, ♥ 74

  • Transformation from pigs to sheep! I d say they are starting to look more like sheep now. what do you think

    #165, @watercolor_waltz, 2018.02.13, ♥ 73

  • Don t pray when it rains if you don t pray when the sun shines. up.hobbygraphy.of.india.inc.clicks.photography.photo.of.india

    #166, @moments.freezer, 2018.05.13, ♥ 73

  • What better way to finish the day than with a great eveningrun! Especially if you get to see two foxes and a deer with her two fawns.

    #167, @michaelfinzenhagen, 2018.06.21, ♥ 73

  • Ciaone.

    #168, @andrewrambler, 2018.05.27, ♥ 71

  • EveningRun- fields of wheat

    #169, @mighorri, 2018.06.06, ♥ 71

  • Above is one of my three stage demonstration to some of my watercolour students, showing how to draw intuitively and paint mushrooms using loose and tight brushwork. Mushroom back right is finished, the one on the left shows how to begin to form the gills and foreground mushrooom is yet to be finished. Ann Stringer-Paget. PLEASE DO NOT USE OR COPY THIS IMAGE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. THANK YOU.

    #170, @annstringerpaget_art, 2018.02.10, ♥ 70

  • Ewe can t come up here, you re baa d.

    #171, @hanupnorth, 2018.03.18, ♥ 70

  • Love our views especially in the snow. Plus the dogs loving life.

    #172, @schidlow, 2018.02.28, ♥ 70

  • Fields of gold

    #173, @kayla.expat.in.italy, 2018.06.12, ♥ 70

  • Getting to know their new pasture.

    #174, @blondboysfarm, 2018.02.17, ♥ 68

  • Barn house on the misty fields by. Don t forget to stop by their feed!. on your posts for a chance to get featured!.

    #175, @artville__, 2017.12.21, ♥ 68

  • 5 km in 32 min(6:24 min/km, 9,4 km/h) My easy run turned into a slow run because of muscle soreness every step was a hurtful experience. Following my running schedule though. I love my place I am so grateful to have these perfect roads and green fields in front of my door and still be close to the town centre. I got used to running without listening to anything but the sounds of nature. Hearing my breath during a run doesn t bother me anymore. 2 days till the Hellahalbmarathon!

    #176, @schai.maa_hijab_run, 2018.06.28, ♥ 68

  • Flooded fields by the River Brue- stopped to take a picture when running this morning- 10km

    #177, @heluna64, 2018.04.01, ♥ 66

  • Sergent Pepper(Lonely hearts club Band s) Pepperfiels, pepper everywhere

    #178, @venusdemilou, 2018.03.16, ♥ 66

  • Planning to start my motorbike I got mobbed by some friendly and curious.

    #179, @alivesinceeternity, 2017.11.26, ♥ 65

  • He who marvels at the beauty of the world in summer will find equal cause for wonder and admiration in winter John Burroughs Country landscape. Cormons, Gorizia, Italy. Michele Marcolin 2018. K1 Orestegor 300mm f4.

    #180, @live_action_hero, 2018.01.19, ♥ 65

  • Maybe my instagram will just turn into animal portraits

    #181, @whereiscarmensd, 2018.02.07, ♥ 65

  • Woke up early today to the neighbours mooing. It was good of them to let me know how great it looked outside.

    #182, @monrow91, 2018.02.12, ♥ 64

  • My fake plants died because I didn t pretend to water them.

    #183, @_umairrr_, 2018.02.10, ♥ 64

  • Gisacum baths ruins.

    #184, @bricebl, 2018.03.31, ♥ 64

  • Taken out of car window! photography

    #185, @nzmar, 2017.12.10, ♥ 63

  • Keeping the Martin warm, while it s snowing again!

    #186, @paul_guitar_prem, 2018.03.18, ♥ 63


    #187, @giorgionale88, 2018.06.27, ♥ 63

  • World Of Life

    #188, @stonersedan420, 2018.02.05, ♥ 62

  • Our lambs are beginning to think that grass is white.

    #189, @broadarrowfarm, 2018.03.13, ♥ 62

  • Heimatspaziergangsmomentaufnahme. and and a cause look at this one beautiful German heading word

    #190, @mr_marloon, 2017.11.23, ♥ 61

  • Mom please don t ask me to look at you, I m eyeing up some sheep poop to eat

    #191, @lubey_doo, 2017.10.05, ♥ 61

  • Seriously considering going veggie again.

    #192, @cgd_shoots, 2018.03.26, ♥ 60

  • Geometrie naturali

    #193, @enrica_69, 2018.06.06, ♥ 60

  • New neighbors down the road.

    #194, @reggersny, 2017.11.10, ♥ 59

  • This is a photo of my sons artwork in one of my clients homes! My son, Cameron, has a talent for painting that I drool over! Actually, both he and my other son, Torey, have talents I talents way past mine. Torey is in med school(see). Both have done so well in different ways in growing up with a single mom and an autistic brother. Makes me extremely proud! Kudos the them!

    #195, @creative_stclair, 2018.02.19, ♥ 59

  • A sketch is just a mini movie. I thought it would be great to do some sketching as I ve taken a small break from my painting. I hope You all like my recreation of different Disney characters.

    #196, @artbyrohia, 2018.02.27, ♥ 59

  • This is the first layer of wash undercoat on the sheep. They look a little orange because I used Burnt Sienna, but their coats have a dirty tinge to them. I will be layering purple, blue, some umbers and maybe yellow ochre as I build the washes. Stay posted for updates! They re already looking sort of cute.

    #197, @watercolor_waltz, 2018.02.12, ♥ 58

  • Appreciation post to this guy. I love her(no homo tho)-

    #198, @chloestephenson_xo, 2018.02.12, ♥ 58

  • Happy New Year everyone. With a new year comes new life in the sheep maternity ward. Let s hope 2018 will be a good year for all.

    #199, @cian_kc, 2018.01.01, ♥ 58

  • Spring

    #200, @tommie550, 2018.03.25, ♥ 58

  • The masking fluid is removed& the white sheep are ready to paint! Check back for the progress. Help me with a title. what shall I call this

    #201, @watercolor_waltz, 2018.02.11, ♥ 57

  • no. 24 Helicopter view.*  

    #202, @jozef_sketches, 2018.01.28, ♥ 57

  • PAINTING FOR SALE the fire of the fields dm for info

    #203, @sophievaughanartist, 2018.02.12, ♥ 55

  • New year, Newe me Baad joke I m sorry

    #204, @mj_shenanigans, 2018.01.01, ♥ 55

  • Some things can never be stopped.

    #205, @_umairrr_, 2018.02.06, ♥ 55

  • My niece is wearing the sheep beanie that I made with the kit from X

    #206, @artkubestudio, 2018.01.04, ♥ 54

  • Now the spring snow has gone its time for the lambs to come. These were taken a couple of years ago in one of the uncles fields. Let s hope spring has now sprung and we start to see better weather.

    #207, @1209photography_uk, 2018.03.11, ♥ 54

  • Polish countryside. and my running paths. I am so happy that days are getting longer. Finally!

    #208, @maarta_k, 2018.04.09, ♥ 54

  • What a b-e-a-utiful view I now have from my house.

    #209, @kaylavautier, 2018.01.29, ♥ 53

  • Lonely bottle

    #210, @magbober, 2018.01.30, ♥ 53

  • Sound on! I ve completed the basic wash for the green pasture, so now it s time to take off the masking fluid to reveal the nice white paper. I m using a rubber cement eraser to pick up the masking by rubbing it over the top. As you can see it reveals a nice white flock of sheep ready for the next step! I ll need a title for this, so be thinking of one! There is one sheep turned looking at the viewer, so maybe something referencing that.

    #211, @watercolor_waltz, 2018.02.11, ♥ 52

  • New view from the office window.

    #212, @stevecansfield, 2018.01.20, ♥ 52

  • Sunrise and beautiful morning walk

    #213, @chantelleridley33, 2018.01.18, ♥ 52

  • the the and that it xxx them so

    #214, @lady.domis, 2018.01.03, ♥ 52

  • ice-sugary snow on the fields

    #215, @lounousbaum, 2018.02.11, ♥ 51

  • Oh mist rolling in from the sea My desire is always to be here.

    #216, @thegoodsheperd, 2018.01.17, ♥ 50

  • Taken by my lovely wife

    #217, @mmwski, 2017.09.25, ♥ 50

  • Tranquil life, tranquil soul

    #218, @harrylewis5199, 2018.01.16, ♥ 50

  • Houd ons in de gaten!

    #219, @dbrownmusic, 2017.05.06, ♥ 50

  • Only a quick flight but captured the countryside at its best in the sunshine

    #220, @barney680, 2018.01.19, ♥ 49

  • Le ying et le yang se boudent. The ying and the yang sulk

    #221, @clodocalud, 2017.11.14, ♥ 49

  • Sunny autumn day. Snow on a couple of mountain peaks today

    #222, @fleur__rose, 2017.11.05, ♥ 49

  • Happy Easter Poland, Warsaw

    #223, @peter_with_pen, 2018.03.27, ♥ 49

  • Batad Rice Terrace, Philippines Can yall help me win a contest by clicking this link I m in the top 3 and if I stay there, I can win! Thanks! http:/queue.vip/csX33bI Please let me know if you helped me out!.the.drones.destination.pictures

    #224, @cakersfish, 2018.03.24, ♥ 49

  • Baby sister

    #225, @_poetic_mess, 2018.03.31, ♥ 49

  • Good morning

    #226, @bart_levi, 2018.03.20, ♥ 49

  • Immortelles sauvages. Diptyque. Do you know about the benefits of that plant(Corsica, 2017)

    #227, @ghanwas, 2018.01.17, ♥ 48

  • 34. Crosstest Race Schaffhausen Start number collection point 10 km race- Temperatures 30

    #228, @mighorri, 2018.06.20, ♥ 48

  • .Come along and I ll give you In one-hundred forty characters Don t you try to analyse We are just raised to reach the stars! Delain слушать для ловли бодрячка бодрит и

    #229, @tania__larix, 2018.04.14, ♥ 47

  • One less car.

    #230, @scatter.anche.no, 2018.06.11, ♥ 47

  • Such a field Takie pole

    #231, @urszaszaaa, 2018.01.30, ♥ 46

  • Slopes.

    #232, @markpaine, 2018.02.14, ♥ 46

  • Sheep enjoying what they can in the winter pasture. Looking forward to some spring grass!

    #233, @blondboysfarm, 2018.02.24, ♥ 46

  • Pretty rude welcoming into the world

    #234, @moss4377, 2018.03.02, ♥ 46

  • Let s take a on our plates

    #235, @mrbuffay, 2018.03.15, ♥ 46

  • Somewhere there in this overly crowded people tell their kids about Tigerhelm instead of Boogieman: If you don t eat your spinach, Tigerhelm will come and take Daddy s away! No worries, my dear hill people, I was just visiting, not hunting

    #236, @bamboothief, 2018.03.12, ♥ 46

  • Fields waiting for Spring. Buds makes borders, at suburb of Tokyo.

    #237, @tabi_runrun, 2018.02.15, ♥ 45

  • Okay how do I herd sheep. Paul and Max are experienced sheep farmers and they took the time to explain it to us. It is amazing to see how the sheep live here(as a non-meat eater Willemijn that is a big deal). The merino wool is one of the finest available and used by big technical clothing brands. We learned a bit how to work with the dogs but still have a lot to learn. Thank you for having us and we hope to visit you soon to play some polo cross!

    #238, @we_are_like_birds, 2018.01.18, ♥ 45

  • Living the life!

    #239, @gregoryzeleny, 2017.12.29, ♥ 45

  • DIY lamb-pillow

    #240, @marcelajna98, 2018.01.15, ♥ 45

  • Another winter landscape.

    #241, @geoff_holman, 2018.02.12, ♥ 44

  • Abstract Twills in progress. I see black sheep

    #242, @lambweaves, 2017.11.15, ♥ 44

  • Yorkshire, Emley Mast.

    #243, @viewsfromthecherrytree, 2018.02.07, ♥ 44

  • New commission piece completed. Titled hazel fields. Night sky and mushroom fields with fairies. This was definitely a challenging piece as I don t usually do this kind of work so I had to combine my style art and techniques with the person s idea. I had so much fun making this!

    #244, @albertclaytextures, 2018.02.17, ♥ 44

  • Last archery tournament of the year for this kid It s been the first thing he s done that he truly loved and looked forward to. Plus he actually excelled at it his first time out Super proud of him

    #245, @jendmorgan, 2018.03.24, ♥ 44

  • More Lambs.

    #246, @bart_levi, 2018.03.19, ♥ 44

  • The beauty of Sapa.

    #247, @travel_eev, 2018.03.31, ♥ 44

  • with the birth of the lambs spring comes Thanks to shepherd.nl 

    #248, @droneflybennie, 2018.02.15, ♥ 43

  • Selfie Swish

    #249, @meggie.exe, 2018.02.24, ♥ 43

  • Getting the ewe hoggets in today to be ear tagged

    #250, @samthomas5656, 2017.08.30, ♥ 43

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