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All hashtags are grouped on 30 from the most popular to the least popular.

Why all hashtags are grouped on 30?
  • 30 is the maximum number of hashtags that you can add at once in the description or in the comments to the post according to the rules of Instagram.
How to use 30 hashtags in one post?
  • 1st way: copy the group of 30 hashtags, insert them into the description of the post, save.
  • 2nd way: save the publication without hashtags, copy the group of 30 hashtags and insert them into the comment under your post.
When to publish hashtags? Is it possible to use always the same hashtags? - Important to know!
  • The hashtags must be added at the moment of publication in Instagram or immediately after it, because the hashtag's feed is chronological. An easier explanation: the sooner you add hashtags after the post's publication, the more persons see your post in the feed of hashtags selected.
  • Instagram doesn't like when you use the same hashtags from post to post. Even if the theme of your posts remains the same, you can always choose different hashtags, because there are various elements in the photo. For example, if all your photos represent nature, the hashtags shouldn’t be only "nature", but could be also " sunset", "flower", "sky", "spring" etc.
  • To get more likes, use more general hashtags. For example "cafe" instead of "Starbucks". The hashtags on more general topics are more popular in Instagram, they have more viewings of posts and more likes.

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Method of calculating popularity and how to use it.
  • On Instagram the popularity of a particular hashtag is equal to the frequency of its use.
    The frequency of use is the number of posts on Instagram with a specific hashtag.
    It follows from this that the popularity of a set of hashtags is the total number of posts of all hashtags included in the set.
  • The more popular a hashtag set is, the more likes and followers you can get from it.
    At the same time, the more popular a set of hashtags, the faster you have to add it to the description of the post or comment to it, because the feed of hashtags is chronological and posts on more popular hashtags quickly replace each other at the top of the feed.
How to understand and use color codes (red, orange, yellow)?
  • Red - High popularity - More than 10,000,000.
  • Orange - Average popularity - More than 1,000,000 and less than 10,000,000.
  • Yellow - Low popularity - Less than 1,000,000.
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Top publications - popular hashtags Farsi

  • I managed to score a private early screening of star wars the last Jedi. So if you want no spoilers y all better like these star wars cartoons we have done over the past couple of years!

    #1, @koat_tales, 2017.12.14, ♥ 564

  • The Arg-e Bam is the largest adobe building in the world, located in Bam, a city in Kerman Province of southeastern Iran. It is listed by UNESCO as part of the World Heritage Site  Bam and its Cultural Landscape. The origin of this enormous citadel on the Silk Road can be traced back to the Achaemenid Empire (sixth to fourth centuries BC) and even beyond. The heyday of the citadel was from the seventh to eleventh centuries, being at the crossroads of important trade routes and known for the production of silk and cotton garments.

    #2, @unique.iran.tour, 2019.01.20, ♥ 240

  • There are many prejudices about A country clouded with mystery and intrigue. Swipe to the right for its beauty, history and love. Zou jij gaan

    #3, @bobclerx, 2019.03.25, ♥ 170

  • KASHAN ABBASIAN HOUSE Abbasian traditional house(also known as Khane-ye Abbasiha or Khan-e Abbasian) is another of the traditional houses in Kashan, dating back to the Qajar period in the late 18th century.The Abbasian house consists of six buildings and numerous courtyards.Typical for the architecture of the time, the Abbasian house has fine stuccos, impressive bas-reliefs and magnificent mirror works and stained glass windows. There is a sort of a cafe restaurant in the ground floor with a dining area in one of the inner courtyards Be unique

    #4, @unique.iran.tour, 2019.02.09, ♥ 166

  • Shah Mosque This elegant mosque, with its iconic blue-tiled mosaics and its perfect proportions, forms a visually stunning monument at the head of Esfahan s main square. Unblemished since its construction 400 years ago, it stands as a monument to the vision of Shah Abbas I and the accomplishments of the Safavid dynasty. The mosque s crowning dome was completed in 1629, the last year of the reign of Shah Abbas. Photos by(Respectively):

    #5, @unique.iran.tour, 2019.01.11, ♥ 157

  • At lunchtime, in the heart of the Grand Bazaar, the Moslem resonates with the crowd of regulars who come to eat in the hustle and bustle of one of the most popular establishments in Tehran. On three floors, the restaurant, which resembles a popular canteen, is constantly full. The personnel, wearing hygiene caps, run the frantically paced service. It is possible to get a spot in under 10 minutes at one of the long Formica tables. There, the contrast between the simplicity of the place and the quality of the dishes offered will surprise you. All the flavours of traditional Persian cuisine can be found on the menu: from the famous Tahchin Morgh  chicken, rice, egg, yogurt and safran to the Baghalipolo Ba Gardan, a lamb stew with lentils. The menu is illustrated with small photos that will guide you in your choices. If you cannot finish your very generous plate, the servers will prepare you a take away box so you don t waste a crumb!

    #6, @unique.iran.tour, 2019.01.23, ♥ 140

  • Loot Desert

    #7, @unique.iran.tour, 2019.01.16, ♥ 140

  • Shah Mosque In related with the previous post: Inside, the acoustic properties and reflections at the central point under the dome is an amusing interest for many visitors, as the ingenuity of the architects, when creating the dome, enables the Imam to speak with a subdued voice and still be heard clearly by everyone inside the building.

    #8, @unique.iran.tour, 2019.01.11, ♥ 133

  • Masooleh MASOOLEH VILLAGE Where Roofs and Streets Become One: Iran s Historic Village of Masuleh Be unique Come to see Iran. Amazing video by:

    #9, @unique.iran.tour, 2019.02.08, ♥ 124

  • Beautiful shiraz Special tnx to for amazing video.

    #10, @unique.iran.tour, 2019.01.13, ♥ 110

  • IRAN Iran s landscape If architecture and ancient ruins aren t enough to satisfy a sightseeing tour, Iran s varied and dramatic landscapes offer the demanding traveller a wealth of awe inspiring, unspoilt views to discover. From mountains to deserts, to forests and caves. Be unique Video by:

    #11, @unique.iran.tour, 2019.02.10, ♥ 92

  • Have ever been to iran Please share your thoughts below Video by: Tnx bro Be Unique

    #12, @unique.iran.tour, 2019.01.15, ♥ 88

  • Street art à baga

    #13, @iliass_homegas, 2018.04.13, ♥ 86

  • Circumstance One of my favorite films Shireen and Atafeh Let no Love fall victim to circumstance No copyright

    #14, @_shenae_jabbar, 2018.04.07, ♥ 83

  • This view from the apartments balcony was so amazing. mountains, twinlake, castle and a lot of greenlife.

    #15, @woeisang, 2018.02.09, ♥ 64

  • Made me smile

    #16, @harris747747, 2018.02.15, ♥ 15

  • The road to fluency.

    #17, @l.a._berliner_, 2018.06.03, ♥ 14

  • Aren t my language teachers lovely.

    #18, @l.a._berliner_, 2018.05.30, ♥ 11

  • Canine social blunders. made me smile

    #19, @harris747747, 2018.02.15, ♥ 9

  • Life is only beautifull. MehrojKhan Muhammad.

    #20, @mkmicorp, 2017.05.23, ♥

  • Every day it s my Birth day- Happy Birth day to Me. MehrojKhan Muhammad.

    #21, @mkmicorp, 2017.05.18, ♥

  • from- ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ‎منشن لشخص تتمنى له الخير Tag Your Friends Surat Al-Ĥijr ‎.▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ‎ولقد نعلم بانقباض صدرك-أيها الرسول-؛ بسبب ما يقوله المشركون فيك وفي دعوتك. ‎فافزع إلى ربك عند ضيق صدرك وسَبِّح بحمده شاكرًا له مثنيا عليه وكن من المصلِّين لله العابدين له فإن ذلك يكفيك ما أهمَّك.▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ And We already know that your breast is constrained by what they say. So exalt Allah with praise of your Lord and be of those who prostrate to Him. Ne e dimë mirë se ti ngushtohesh shpirtërisht për atë që thonë ata. Po ti madhëroje me falënderime Zotin tënd e bëhu prej atyre që luten(përulen duke u falur). 我確已知道你為他們的讕言而煩悶。 你應當讚頌你的主超絕萬物 你應當與眾人一起叩頭 ‎و به راستی ما می دانیم که سینه تو(ای پیامبر) از آنچه آنها می گویند تنگ می شود(و تو را آزرده و نا راحت می کند). ‎پس به ستایش پروردگارت تسبیح گوی و از سجده کنندگان باش. Et Nous savons certes que ta poitrine se serre, à cause de ce qu ils disent. Glorifie donc Ton Seigneur par Sa louange et sois de ceux qui se prosternent; Dan Kami sungguh-sungguh mengetahui, bahwa dadamu menjadi sempit disebabkan apa yang mereka ucapkan, maka bertasbihlah dengan memuji Tuhanmu dan jadilah kamu di antara orang-orang yang bersujud(shalat), 그들이 거짓하는 것으로 그 대의 마음이 근심됨을 알고 있나 니 그러나 그대의 주님을 찬미 하고 엎드려 부복하는 자 중에 있으라 Мы знаем, что твоя грудь сжимается от того, что они говорят. Так восславь же Господа твоего хвалой и будь в числе тех, кто падает ниц. waxaana ognahay Laabtaadu inay ka cidhiidhyami waxay sheegi(oo xun). ee ku Tasbiixso mahadda Eebahaa ahawna kuwa Sujuuda. Bien sabemos que te angustias por lo que dicen. Pero tú celebra las alabanzas de tu Señor y sé de los que se prosternan! Turkish Gerçekten biliriz ki, onlarin söylediklerine gögsün daraliyor. O halde Rabbini hamd ile tesbih et. Ve secde edenlerden ol. ‎ہمیں خوب علم ہے کہ ان کی باتوں سے آپ کا دل تنگ ہوتا ہے ‎آپ اپنے پروردگار کی تسبیح اور حمد بیان کرتے رہیں اور سجده کرنے والوں میں شامل ہو جائیں. ‎القارئ: Reciter: Haaza Al Balushi

    #22, @be_humble11, 2016.02.19, ♥

  • from.of.man1100. The Day when will say, O of remember My favor upon you and upon your when I supported you with the and you spoke to the people in the cradle and in maturity; and remember when I taught you writing and wisdom and the and the and when you designed from clay what was like the form of a bird with My then you breathed into it, and it became a bird with My permission; and you healed the blind and the leper with My permission; and when you brought forth the dead with My permission; and when I restrained the Children of from killing you when you came to them with clear proofs and those who disbelieved among them said, This is not but obvious. إِذْ قَالَ اللَّهُ يَا عِيسَى ابْنَ مَرْيَمَ اذْكُرْ نِعْمَتِي عَلَيْكَ وَعَلَىٰ وَالِدَتِكَ إِذْ أَيَّدتُّكَ بِرُوحِ الْقُدُسِ تُكَلِّمُ النَّاسَ فِي الْمَهْدِ وَكَهْلًا ۖ وَإِذْ عَلَّمْتُكَ الْكِتَابَ وَالْحِكْمَةَ وَالتَّوْرَاةَ وَالْإِنجِيلَ ۖ وَإِذْ تَخْلُقُ مِنَ الطِّينِ كَهَيْئَةِ الطَّيْرِ بِإِذْنِي فَتَنفُخُ فِيهَا فَتَكُونُ طَيْرًا بِإِذْنِي ۖ وَتُبْرِئُ الْأَكْمَهَ وَالْأَبْرَصَ بِإِذْنِي ۖ وَإِذْ تُخْرِجُ الْمَوْتَىٰ بِإِذْنِي ۖ وَإِذْ كَفَفْتُ بَنِي إِسْرَائِيلَ عَنكَ إِذْ جِئْتَهُم بِالْبَيِّنَاتِ فَقَالَ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا مِنْهُمْ إِنْ هَٰذَا إِلَّا سِحْرٌ مُّبِينٌ- ١١٠.(به خاطر بیاور) هنگامى را که خداوند به بن گفت: یاد کن نعمتم را که به تو ومادرت بخشیدم. زمانى که تو را با تأیید کردم. که در گاهواره و نیز در حال میانسالى با مردم سخن میگفتى. و هنگامى را که کتاب و حکمت و و را به تو آموختم. و هنگامى را که به اذن من از گل چیزى به صورت میساختى و در آن میدمیدى   و به اذن من پرنده اى میشد. و کور مادرزاد و مبتلا به بیمارى پیسى را به اذن من شفا میدادى. و هنگامى که مردگان را به اذن من زنده میکردى. و  هنگامى که را از آسیب رساندن به تو باز داشتم. در آن زمان که دلایل روشن براى آنها آوردى ولى جمعى از کافران آنها گفتند: اینها جز آشکار  نیست. ١١٠.

    #23, @haskouei, 2017.08.01, ♥

  • The Farside.

    #24, @vanessa_jane69, 2018.01.28, ♥

  • The Farside

    #25, @vanessa_jane69, 2018.01.21, ♥

  • Only Farsi Jokes-.

    #26, @joke_persiann, 2017.08.20, ♥

  • Man Hamoonam(2017) Full Video& mp3 in Telegram channel Link in bio.

    #27, @greatestsongs_alltime, 2018.02.03, ♥

  • Barf(2013) Full Video& mp3 in Telegram channel Link in bio.-2013

    #28, @greatestsongs_alltime, 2018.01.26, ♥

  • Panjere(2017) Full Video& mp3 in Telegram channel Link in bio.

    #29, @greatestsongs_alltime, 2018.01.15, ♥

  • Darkam Kon(2015) Full Video& mp3 in Telegram channel Link in bio.

    #30, @greatestsongs_alltime, 2018.01.11, ♥

  • out of a book I ve read some years ago. makes me feel confident. اسکندر

    #31, @every.thing_changes, 2018.01.21, ♥

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Hashtag Number of posts on Instagram
farsi 257987
farside 15130
farsimale 2072
farsight 1601
farsibello 538
farsinotare 374
farsiunregalo 348
farsiricordare 286
farsiforza 259
farsibene 102
farsideofcrazy 15
farsiimuscoli 9
farsideifilm 4
farsiuntuffo 3
farsiikmperunburrito 1
farsifighicitandoglialtri 1

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